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The Astrological Reason Behind Valentine's Day- Best Planetary Days of February - What About Venus? - Music for February

"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
-- George Bernard Shaw

Heart Shaped Potato

This unusal heart shaped potato is waiting to be cooked on Valentine’s Day!

Poor February!

It has the fewest days of the month and sports a holiday with murky origins.

Which of three martyred St. Valentines of the Catholic Church have the right to be called THE Saint Valentine of this day’s tradition?

Or is this holiday merely a corruption of the Galatin's Day celebrated by the Normans? Galatin meant "lover of women” according to an article at NPR.

Or, could it even be a modern form of the Roman feast of Lupercalia, dedicated to fertility?

Astrologically, on February 14 the Sun’s declination is between 12- 13 ° N. This is approximately the midway point between Sun’s declination on the winter solstice (23° 27” N) and during the spring equinox (0°).

It makes sense that ancient peoples celebrated a turning point of the seasons since it meant that spring was on its way and that modern man has kept up the tradition.

It might be a good idea to celebrate YOUR Valentine’s Day a few days early this year.


The Full Moon this February occurs on February 10 at 22 ° Leo.

The Sun is trine retrograde Jupiter in Libra on February 11.

The Sun trine Jupiter is one of the best alignments to have in a chart to guarantee success, good luck and good judgement.

Since Jupiter is retrograde the alignment is more powerful, and especially so while the aspect is applying. This means February 9 and 10th are the best days this month.

What About Venus?

Venus is traditionally considered the planet of love. In Magi Astrology Chiron is more important for romantic commitment and an indicator of true love.

But for attractiveness, the social aspect of cheerful fun and the enjoyment of chocolate let's consider Venus.

VenusVenus is in Aries during February, but aligned with Mars and Pallas during the early part of the month. Go bowling and line up the ball with engineering skill to impress a lover or challenge someone to a race. Competition and the thrill of the chase are the thing when Venus travels through Aries.

Between February 15 - 18 Venus is contraparallel Jupiter and Neptune, which is a bit more romantic, kindhearted and generous.

However, it is also parallel business loving Ceres and independent Uranus until the 21st. Romantic outings could be tinged with self-interest with Ceres in the mix. Or friends could be confused with lovers or social affairs could revolve around networking and social media since Uranus adds some input.

Love as represented by Venus can be quite complicated in February.

Music for February


Original Toto (1982 or 1983) music video - see note below


RockCellarMagazine: What is meant by “I bless the rains down in Africa?”

David Paich of Toto: When I got older and was going to an all-boys Catholic prep school, there were a lot of brothers who had done missionary work over in Africa. And when they came back, we’d all go out to the football field, and people would hold up books and various things for the priest – who had also come back from Africa – so he could bless them.

So I asked him, “What kinds of things did you bless over in Africa?” And he said, “We blessed the crops, we blessed the people and the villages, and we blessed the rains.”



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"May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live."

-- Robert A. Heinlein


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