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Below you will find detailed instructions for using PayPal and Consultation Deposit Procedures.

Consultation Deposit Procedures: When you arrive at the PayPal website type in the amount you are paying. A $75 deposit is required to set up a Consultation.Once a deposit has been received you will be emailed a questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is returned and/or the necessary information, (your birthdate and phone number), is received you will receive a personal call to set up a consultation appointment.

Detailed instructions for using PayPal

1. Fill in the dollar amount on the left side.
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4. Add a note if you use a different email address than the one used for PayPal
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NOTE: PayPal also sends Magi Bette a notice of verified payments. Upon receipt of your payment Magi Bette will contact you by email.

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Magi Bette uses astrological planning tools and cycle research to help you successfully implement pattern strategies drawn from the study of celestial mechanics.

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