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Planetary Conditions of September - Eclipses- Bread & Astrology



Astrological analysis is much like a bread recipe.

Astrology relies upon a limited number of planets, planetary bodies and astronomical points.

Bread requires even fewer basic ingredients: flour, yeast, salt, oil, a liquid and perhaps some sugar.

Whether you make homemade bread or simply appreciate eating it the difference is obvious between a loaf of Wonder Bread and a loaf of 7 Grain Artisan Bread made with well water and organic flour fresh from the oven.

Anyone who has made homemade bread knows that it is difficult to get every loaf to look and taste exactly the same. The cook may knead the dough a few more times with one loaf of bread than with another. Or, the water added to the yeast could be a few degrees colder for one loaf or the air could be a few degrees warmer when the dough is set aside to rise.

The oven could be hotter, the altitude could be higher, the pan could be bigger or the yeast could be older causing slightly different results. The cook may add an extra sprinkle of salt, use a better quality of olive oil or include extra ingredients.

The chart of every day and every transit to your chart is as unique as a loaf of homemade bread.


Industrial bread making strives to make every loaf look alike with a controlled environment and extends the shelf life with the addition of chemicals and additives. Mass produced bread is edible and safe to consume but lacks the satisfaction and wholesomeness of homemade created from the finest ingredients. Quality is often sacrificed for quantity when high fructose corn syrup is used rather than sugar and cheap soy flour is added to stretch out the more expensive wheat flour.

Bread machines attempt to standardize the process with a controlled temperature and proofing time. The results are more uniform but have their limitations.

“Canned” interpretations of planetary alignments are somewhat like mass produced or bread machine loaves and are useful and convenient. Some astrology books on interpretations of transits are even called “cookbooks.”

In depth interpretations of your transits are like a delicious loaf of homemade artisan bread that is affected by numerous other factors in the surroundings.

In depth interpretations and chart analysis will take into account various conditions of the current planetary environment.

In depth interpretations may even add some enriching and rare ingredients.

Yes, there are basic “rules” in astrology but the overall planetary picture in the background is never the same.

A transit of planet A to a natal planet B on two different dates will not be identical and uniform.

Every day the positions of the planets are in a completely new and different position in relation to one another.

As an example, the transit of Jupiter trine your Sun in 2016 will have a basic beneficial meaning, but each of the other planets travels at a different pace.

By 2020 the benefits of the transit of Jupiter trine your Sun will be slightly different because the positions of the other bodies in the solar system will be different.

Every person is different and has developed under slightly different conditions, just like a loaf of homemade bread.


September is like that little girl in the children’s rhyme who, “when she was good was very, very, good, but when she was bad she was horrid.”

At the end of August turbulent global world alignments began to form. This doesn’t guarantee major trouble on the world stage, but launching new ventures or making major changes during the first half of September could be risky. Even if you have the best personal magical transits the first 10 days of September offer negative conditions to create a new chart (aka “natalize”).

During the first half of September the general atmosphere can be unpleasant, people may be uncooperative and negativity may run rampant. Other difficult alignments will add to the unrest and turbulence until after the Full Moon on the 16th.



September 1, 2016 — Annular Solar Eclipse
September 16, 2016 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

September starts off with a Sun and Saturn square on the first and then those two planets form a T-Square to Neptune on September 2. This coincides with the Annular Solar Eclipse. T squares are particularly troublesome geometrical patterns as the energies are at odds with each other at 3 unique points.

The Sun square to Saturn in the global world chart is a time to stop, sit on your hands and avoid starting anything important. It is doubly important to remember this because the eclipse is a factor.

Meanwhile in the heliocentric dimension Earth and Saturn form a square on September 8 .

Saturn and Neptune continue to move closer until they complete their slow moving square on September 10.

There is another T square of Sun, Chiron and Mars on the 14th that is accentuated during the full moon and lunar eclipse of September 16, although it has some bonus features.


There will be an excellent period for natalizations in September when the Sun, Ceres, Jupiter and Chiron (and the Jupiter Chiron midpoint) all align in the declinations.

Between September 17 and September 25 the Sun (power, strength, and happiness) is aligned in the declinations with Jupiter (the planet associated with success, good will and good luck) and Chiron (the planet associated with true love and commitment) as well as Ceres, the business planet.

The peak of this rare and powerful 4 planet alignment occurs on September 22, which is also the day of the fall equinox.

Add a cherry on top as the Sun is conjunct Jupiter on September 26, so anything that is begun between September 17 -25 will have a beneficial alignment in the progressions, too.

Plus there is a Grand Trine involving the Jupiter Pluto midpoint (wise and successful financial maneuvering), Chiron (trust, reputation, commitment and love) and Vesta (networking, groups, friends).

If you are having difficult transits in September but absolutely must make a major change or decision then wait until the week of the equinox so that things will turn out just a bit better for you.


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