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July 2016



This is interesting—the Earth as it travels through space rotating around the Sun.


MarsIn July we look forward to a constructive Mars as part of a Grand Trine that contrasts with June’s destructive, slow moving, retrograde Mars opposition to Sedna. There is more about June and Sedna below.

SunThe July Grand Trine is at its peak power on the 16th and 17th of July. Grand Trines offer EASE and INSPIRATION. This Grand Trine includes Mars, Chiron and the Sun.

ChironChiron is an excellent component of any natalization or any business or task that requires public appeal. Work (Mars) that has great charisma (Chiron) is a motivating force (Sun). Those with key planets at 25 degrees of any sign can benefit from this formation.

The worst days to begin anything of importance peak on July 2, July 21, July 24 and July 25.


SquareSaturn square Neptune in the global world chart peaked in June, but will remain within orb and peak again in September. This alignment not only creates fear and confusion but compromises long term investments and savings especially for those who have planets near 10 ° of any sign. Since Neptune rules oil and anything that comes out of the ground, such as gold, there could be periodic downturns in those markets.

The Saturn parallel to Pluto was mentioned in previous months and it continues to put a hard edge on power struggles and implant the desire for control—as well as corruption—on big money.

The good news is that Uranus is contraparallel Neptune. This peaked in May and will peak again in September. This is good news because some changes and the uplifting influence of social consciousness (Uranus) can bring increased financial security (Neptune).

Jupiter remains within orb of a parallel to Pluto in the heliocentric dimension through early August, too. Although the world chart appears to be beset by some foul long term Saturn alignments there is the influence of Jupiter to bring wisdom, prosperity and opportunity. Let’s be grateful that July looks better than June in the global world chart.


oppositionA retrograde Mars was opposed to Sedna on June 10 and it will complete the cycle on July 21 while direct. The first opposition occurred on February 21 which was the date on which an Uber driver in Kalamazoo Michigan killed six people in random attacks between taking fares.

Remember the 3 day rule. There was a lot of senseless violence in the week around June 10. Sedna is a dwarf planet that is known as the “destroyer.” Mars in one manifestation is the planet of violence and weapons.

This may explain why the response from the liberal watchdogs to the horrible murders in the Pulse nightclub was to call for a ban on guns (Mars) rather than a ban on the ideology that promoted senseless violence.

Put these two planets together in a chart that is sensitized to their influence when that person has been brainwashed by dehumanizing dogma and you could find someone who can become a crazed murderer.

Sedna as described by the Magi Society: “Sedna is nasty and mean and possesses the instinct of a bloodthirsty killer.”
“Sedna is a moral cancer within our society; Sedna seeks to destroy our moral fiber and our very soul.”


There is a short article available about the Orlando shooter with charts and commentary for regular clients only. Send an email to receive it.

GLOBALIZATION - Fallout from Uranus & Pluto

June included a horrible shooting in Orlando on June 12, the Brexit vote in Great Britain on June 23 that caused major temporary downturns in the worldwide stock markets on June 24, and a vicious terrorist attack at an Istanbul airport on June 28.

Lives were lost. Money was lost. Money can be replaced or replenished unlike the lives that were snuffed out by depraved extremists. The entire world has watched these events unfold.

The word of the month is GLOBALIZATION.

After more than 5 years of the Uranus Pluto square we find that we are highly influenced by a global economy. Many companies relocated their manufacturing plants to foreign countries for lower taxes and cheap unskilled labor or brought in foreign workers on a H-1B visa for cheap skilled labor.

UranusUranus is the symbol of whatever is global or international while power and big money is symbolized by Pluto.

PlutoThe result of the Brexit referendum is understandable. The natural reaction is to fight against the power mongers who manipulated free trade for their own benefit which is clear to see now that the Uranus Pluto square is fading. The main reason voters chose to leave the European Union was for the liberty to make their own choices. Liberty is a term connected to Uranus. But one needs money to have true liberty.

Heightened international trading is paralleled by the wideing scope of international contact and communication through social media (another Uranus term). Some blame the spread of global terrorism on the availability of internet in far flung parts of the world.

The amount of money spent on political campaigns has become obscene over the past years. An article at NPR in 2015 said that the 2016 political campaigns would spend 4.4 BILLION on TV ads alone. That is obscene. 4.4 BILLION dollars would feed a lot of hungry people. Pluto rules big money and Uranus rules politics.

Never forget that Pluto rules advertising as well as propaganda. Social media (Uranus) has grown as a tool of propaganda (Pluto). Broadcasting occurs on many levels. Broadcasting evil intent and murderous ideologies is just as easy as broadcasting positive and uplifting ideas.

There is a war going on that has the internet as its main battlefield. One lone wolf can do a lot of damage with the flick of a finger. Before computers people had to fit in to a community of living breathing people. In this day and age one lone wolf can pick and choose what to see and hear. That lone wolf can immerse himself in an abstract and artificial world that serves to make makes individuals mere statistics. Someone looking for validation of their own criminal impulses can easily become a victim of brainwashing.

The world is dealing with the backlash of the many years that Uranus and Pluto were in square.

In hindsight it is easy to see how these things came to pass and how the world has changed.


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"A lot of people die fighting tyranny. The least I can do is vote against it."

- Carl Ichan


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