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“I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

Way back in the 1960’s The Animals recorded a hit song containing this plea.

Here is the orignal recording by Nina Simone:

Misunderstandings abound during Heartbreak Transits.

Transits refer to transiting planets which are the planets in the sky at any moment and how they relate to the position of the planets when you were born.

There are two types of Heartbreak Transits.

One involves Saturn and one involves Venus. Both involve Chiron.


Chiron is the planet of committed relationships, emotional ties, reputation, publicity and charisma. The Magi Society says it represents marriage and career.

you rockSome transits are easy. The 120 degree (trines) and 60 degree (sextiles) angles made from planets in the sky to your natal planets are transits that enhance your natural abilities. The time period when these transits prevail are as comfortable as sitting in front of the TV in your favorite rocking chair.

Difficult transits however show a conflict of some kind.

teaDifficult transits are angles formed by transiting planets to natal planets that jar you out of your comfort zone. Angles of 90 degrees (squares) or 180 degrees (oppositions) from a transiting planet to a natal planet are an experience similar to someone handing you a scalding hot, filled to the brim cup of tea as you are rocking back and forth in your favorite rocking chair.

It is necessary to possess a great deal of poise and balance to deal with difficult transits and avoid a painful mess.


The best known Heartbreak Transit is a difficult transit from Saturn to natal Chiron, but could be a conflicted transit from the Saturn/Chiron midpoint to the natal Sun or Chiron. This represents a time when you can be viewed in the worst possible light by others and are in danger of making major mistakes.

This is also a time when past mistakes can be brought to light and cause problems that impact your reputation.

For instance, the telephone bill you forgot to pay may show up on your credit report.

Or the speeding ticket you received 10 months ago prevents you from getting the best rates on a new car insurance policy.

Since Chiron rules your ability to attract publicity and charm others you may be in the spotlight during these transits. You are more likely to be criticized and censured because every flaw is highlighted. If you break the rules you will receive attention but it won’t be good attention.

For example, if you exceed the speed limit on the highway you are more likely to receive a speeding ticket. Your ability to charm others is severely hampered so you won’t get off with a warning.

Your career or job can even be at risk if you do not fulfill commitments to the letter.

shatteredThere is another danger with this type of Heartbreak Transit when emotional or romantic relationships are involved. During a Heartbreak Transit the people you love may treat you badly or only see your least attractive side. You may feel that the commitment and trust between you and another person has been compromised or vice versa. You run the risk of overreacting. If you slam the door on your way out that door is very likely to be locked when you try to return. You or a loved one may wish to break off a relationship when loyalty and commitment have been tested and proved to be lacking.

A very good relationship can survive, but it is important not to initiate anything of great importance or make drastic changes during a Heartbreak Transit.

If you break off a relationship under these conditions it will be much like Humpty Dumpty and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will not be able to put it together again.


The other type of Heartbreak Transit is a transit of Chiron that makes a difficult angle to natal Venus. This is called a “BREAKUP” transit because you or a loved one may wish to break off the relationship when it has been demonstrated that loyalty and commitment have been compromised.

The main issue of this difficult transit is one of trust.

Once trust is broken it might not be easily repaired.

This transit disturbs the harmony of social ties as well as emotional ties. It represents misunderstandings and the possibility that key relationships –both romantic and business -will experience severe ups and downs. A business partner or boss might find your impulsiveness or social activities to be less than desirable.

During this transit your social instincts are off base. Because you may be attracted to the latest fads and have a yen for excitement you might be drawn to people and things that are simply not good for you. Meanwhile, you are repelled by those people who are good for you.

You might even have the urge to break off a good relationship to try something new which will disrupt your life and create heartache.

During this Heartbreak Transit your reputation can suffer and your charisma is at a low point. This is very poor time to ask for a promotion, to change jobs, or to take major steps that could impact your career or reputation.

This transit is less likely to cause long term damage than the Saturn transit to natal Chiron, but it can shake up even the best relationship or career and cause a rift and adverse publcity.

A very good relationship can survive a Break Up Transit, but it is important not to initiate anything of great importance or make drastic changes.


stopThroughout any Heartbreak Transit your charisma and ability to impress the public is at a low point. Take no risks with your heart or your money.

The best advice is to sit on your hands, avoid giving in to impulse and wait until this difficult transit is over before beginning anything new, making drastic decisions or significant changes.


It is necessary to differentiate a transit from Saturn TO natal Chiron from a transit of Chiron TO natal Saturn.

Likewise, there is a difference between a transit from Chiron TO natal Venus and the transit of Venus TO natal Chiron

These are not the same.

Transiting Venus makes angles and difficult transits TO natal Chiron several times in the course of a year. These last just a few days. For lack of a better term it can be called a “BAD HAIR DAY” transit as you are temporarily in a charisma downturn.

But the transit of Chiron TO natal Venus can take a month or more, therefore this is more significant.

In a similar way transiting Chiron may take a month to complete a transit TO natal Saturn. It is still problematic, but it is not a Heartbreak Transit.
Saturn moves much more slowly so its transit TO natal Chiron, which is the Heartbreak Transit, can sometimes cover months.

Additionally a difficult transit from Saturn to ANY natal planet always has the potential to create serious problems and setbacks.

A transit from Chiron TO natal Saturn represents passing impulsiveness and attractions that can create additional burdens or point out a lack of self-discipline.


REPUTATION SMASHING SCANDAL: A public scandal for Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich (born December 10, 1956) erupted when he was arrested on corruption charges on December 9, 2008. Transiting Chiron was square his natal Venus. Impeachment proceedings were begun within few days.

BAD TIME TO FILE FOR A DIVORCE : Super Model Christie Brinkley filed for a divorce from architect Peter Cook in early September 2006 while Saturn was contraparallel her natal Chiron. The divorce proceedings made headline news and the top ten lists of the nastiest celebrity divorce cases. Brinkley filed for divorce after she learned of Cook's affair with his 18-year-old assistant. The breakup got even nastier when Brinkley insisted on public coverage of the trial. It took until October 2008 for the divorce to become final.

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