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Magi Bette uses techniques derived from Magi Astrology, which is focused on timing for making optimum decisions, beginning new enterprises, and choosing the best partners for romantic compatibilty and financial stability. Magi Astrology is a unique type of astrology which has been growing in popularity during the past 15 years because of its reliability and accuracy.


Magi Astrologers use more than one chart. The planets do not orbit the Sun on a flat surface. The charts seen on paper or a computer screen do not reflect the actual positions of the planets suspended in space. Using advanced tools it is possible to see more than one dimension of the solar system and examine the intricate relationships between the planets.

Magi Astrologers put a great deal of effort into research so that they can understand how astrology REALLY works.

Magi Astrology is based on the teachings of the Magi Society and their three books, “Astrology Really Works,” “The Key to Success in Love and Money,” and the “Magi Society Ephemeris.” These books are out of print but used copies can be found online but we do offer a free ebook.


The first 14 chapters of Magi Astrology: “The Key to Success in Love and Money”


Magi Bette studies and uses Magi Astrology techniques developed by the Magi Society, which is the fastest growing form of astrology on this planet.

Using meticulous research the Magi Society has made awesome discoveries about the meanings of planetary alignments and ways to maximize the usefulness of sacred geometry.

The Magi Society brought declinations out of the closet so that every astrologer could use them in chart analysis.

The Magi Society discovered the importance and real meaning of Chiron in both the natal chart and as a transiting planet.

Magi Astrologers fine tune their observations using other advanced techniques such as the MagiZodiac and MidPoints that adds yet MORE dimensions to chart analysis.

The Magi Society continues to perform research into the latest discoveries of effective asteroids and TransNeptunian dwarf planets--Sedna, UB313, Quaoar, Varuna, Peleus, Orcus, Ixion,Amor, Diana, Eros, Hidalgo, Icarus, Lilith, Pandora, Psyche, Sappho, Toro, and Urania.

The latest "New Frontier Planets" that are undergoing research include Achilles, Adonis, Amun, Athene, Cuno, Dionysus, Hermes, Isis, Kleopatra, Medusa, Midas, Nike, Odin, Phoinix, Prometheus, Typhon, Ulysses, Vulcano, Walhalla, Xanthus.

The Magi Society offers some of the best financial astrology research software in the world. Thier discovery of Super Fibonacci levels offers insights that help stock traders view much more than standard Fibonacci levels.

More information about the Magi Society

Plan ahead for the next phase of your life or prepare for the future.

With Magi Bette's help you can plan ahead to choose the best timing to find love or a job (Cinderella Times) launch a business, open a bank account, (Golden Times), choose a life partner, or get married.

Strategize to make your business thrive. Choose the best times to hire a new employee, launch a new product, sign a contract, buy a new car, or remodel your office.

To everything there is a season: an astrological consultation can point out when it is a time to reap or a time to sow.

Consultations take 60 or 90 minutes, but the benefits can last a lifetime.


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