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Planetary Weather October - Life, Birth and Natalizations: What is a Natalization and How to Choose the Correct Natalization Chart

Prayers for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico January 2017

Sending love and prayers to our friends in beautiful Puerto Rico after 2 hurricanes paired with crippling economic downturns caused widespread hardship.

October Planetary Weather

Here are peak dates of beneficial and difficult planetary alignments for those choosing to begin anything of importance. How beneficial or difficult these dates will be for you depends on your own chart transits.

The Magi Society Best & Worst Days Calendar for October states that October is not a good month for important natalizations.

This month is particularly difficult for business ventures and financial matters thanks to the limiting influence of Saturn contraparallel both Ceres (business) and Neptune (financial security) and the Sun square Pluto (big money, power struggles) that peaks on October 9.

The Heartbreak/Hailstorm/Poorhouse aspect of Saturn square Chiron will be exact on November 2 and in the chart of anything that is begun after October 7.

However, starting October 5, both Venus and Mars create a square to Saturn. They then go on to form a T-square to the ongoing turbulent nuclear clash of Saturn and Chiron that lingers until the 16th.

This makes a simple square much more difficult, especially if it is “locked in” by beginning something of significance. A pattern such as this is especially toxic to new romantic relationships.

Once this mess has dissipated, mid-month, the business asteroid Ceres opposes Pluto and Mars opposes Neptune in the heliocentric dimension.

The best days are October 1, 3, 26, 27, but they are not great.

Life, Birth and Natalizations

What is a Natalization and How to Choose the Correct Natalization Chart

The Magi Society Best & Worst Days Calendar for October says that October is not a good month for important natalizations.

“Natalization” is a term used by the Magi Society to describe “starting” or “initiating” something new in your life.

Examples: “Natalizing” a relationship is meeting someone for the first time, while having sex for the first time is called a “love chart” and a marriage is “natalized” on the wedding date.

Relationships aren’t only about love and sex.

One can “natalize” a relationship with a doctor, a lawyer, a job, a college or an insurance company.

“Natalizing” a financial venture can include opening a bank account, launching a new business, or signing mortgage papers.

When you begin something new the venture has its own birth chart, i.e., a natal chart, which is the source of the term “natalization.”

That new chart will have its own potential, its own transits, its own progressions, and a definite relationship to your own chart.

The best date in the world will not be optimum for you if that date has serious nuclear clashes with your chart.  

The worst date in the world might not be as bad for you if your chart forms Golden Linkages to that date's chart.

It can be confusing to understand what constitutes “natalization” and which charts are important to examine.

Is it the date you begin to write a book or the date the book is published? Is it the date you apply for a mortgage or the date you sign the mortgage commitment papers?  Is it the date you first see a house, make an offer or sign the deed? Is it the date you file a divorce, negotiate a settlement, or when the divorce is final?

The chart of the date a concept is first developed (“conceiving” an idea) might indicate whether or not that concept will come to fruition, but the significant chart is the chart of the date that the concept becomes reality and an autonomous entity.

To open a kumquat store, one must make a business plan, find a location, order stock, buy equipment, and hire employees in preparation for business, but the success or failure of that kumquat store depends upon the chart of the day the store doors are opened for business to the general public. And how that chart lines up with your chart.

The date you buy a new computer is important as an investment for you, but the date you plug it in and it is running as YOUR computer is the "birth date" of that new computer.

Here is a simple way to see the difference:

As we know, baby is usually born 9 months after conception.

Is the date on which the baby is conceived the baby’s natal chart?

The answer is NO.

The date the baby is brought out into the world and BORN is the baby’s birth date.

That birth date is celebrated every year and is the chart used used for transits and progressions.

The same holds true for anything that is begun.








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