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In traditional astrology Venus VENUSis the planet of love.

Chiron CHIRON according to the research used by Magi Astrologers, is the most important influence on long-term relationships, marriage, and romantic partners.

Put these two planets together and you have the ingredients (except the pumpkin and the mice) to be just like Cinderella and all your dreams can come true.

Cinderella Times Are Important

Cinderella Times are the best times for romance, love and career success. These are times when you can pull a rabbit out of a hat and amaze your audience. It is a time period when your personal charm is at a high point.

During Cinderella Times you possess that magical “spark” that magnetically draws others to you. During Cinderella Times you are more attractive to others, appear more trustworthy, and your natural talents are enhanced and shine more brightly.

During Cinderella Times you are more likely to meet someone with whom you share Cinderella Linkages. Cinderella Linkages between two birth charts indicate that you and another person may have the planetary glue for a lasting relationship. If you are single and looking for love (in all the right places, of course) you are more likely to attract someone compatible who is also attracted to you.

If you are ready to make a long-term commitment this is a time when the one you love is more likely to say “yes.”

If you are married or with the one you love you are more likely to be in harmony and share especially romantic experiences.

If you are interviewing for a new position you are more likely to impress a prospective boss with your sincerity and commitment to the job, so are more likely to get the job. This is a great time to ask for a raise or secure a promotion.

In business your charisma is at a high point during Cinderella Times. You impress your customers, are more popular with the general public or can meet people who can give you a leg up with your career.

What is a Cinderella Time?

If Venus in the global world chart (generally called a transit) makes a favorable alignment (such as a trine, quincunx or conjunction, parallel or contraparallel) to your natal Chiron you have a Cinderella Transit.

Venus moves quite quickly (usually more than 1 degree per day) so this is a Cinderella Transit that might only be effective for a few days.

If, on the other hand, Chiron in the global world chart makes a favorable transiting aspect (the common term for alignment) to your natal Venus this is also a Cinderella Transit.

Chiron moves much more slowly than Venus so this Cinderella Transit can last weeks!

While these Cinderella Transits last you are in a Cinderella Time. Unless you are simultaneously having difficult turbulent transits you should do quite well at whatever you begin.


Oscar WinningSome say that the Academy Awards are a popularity contest.

Cher won an Oscar for her role in Moonstruck. When Moonstruck was released in 1987 Cher was having a Cinderella Time. Her appearance in Moonstruck was very popular with the general public as well as those who voted for the awards.

Venus is the traditional astrology planet of love but other transits that pair Chiron and the Sun, Chiron and Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, or Chiron and Pluto are also Cinderella Transits that indicate Cinderella Times.

Matthew McConaughey won a Best Actor Oscar at the 2014 Academy Awards for his starring role in Dallas Buyers Club while he was in a Cinderella Time. In his case, transiting Chiron was trine his natal Sun.

YOU might not win an Academy Award just because YOU have a Cinderella Time, but it is a wonderful time when you can be more popular and more successful at whatever you do.

If you want to know when your Cinderella Times occur make an appointment with Magi Bette.

With Magi Bette's help you can plan ahead to choose the best timing to find love or a job (Cinderella Times) launch a business, open a bank account, (Golden Times), choose a life partner, or get married.

Strategize to make your business thrive by choosing the best times to hire a new employee, launch a new product, sign a contract, buy a new car, or remodel your office.

To everything there is a season: an astrological consultation can point out when it is a time to reap or a time to sow.

Consultations take 60 or 90 minutes, but the benefits can last a lifetime.

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