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Your first lesson:


The day you begin a new job creates a new chart of your relationship with the new job. The day you meet someone and your heart goes pitty pat creates a new chart and sets up "guidelines" for the relationship. The day you sign the final papers on a house creates a chart that represents your ownership of that house, as well as the terms of your obligation to the mortgage holder, so you must be sure that the aspects between the day you sign the papers and your chart are favorable.

When you start something, whether it is a relationship, a bank account, or a job, that new beginning has its own chart. And this "new chart" must link up with your chart in a favorable way in order for you to be successful with the relationship, bank account, or job.

In addition, the person you meet for the first time has his or her own chart. So does the bank and the company that hires you. If you and that other entity have favorable linkages then the chances are improved that the relationship, whether for love or for money, will be successful.

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Recognizing patterns is one of the essential things to absorb. Trines occur when two planets are 120 degrees apart in the sky. They represent ease and perhaps even brilliance. If you begin something important when a trine is formed between your planets and the planets in the sky, you will be much more successful than you would be if a trine was not present.

The chart below shows a GRAND TRINE. A Grand Trine is even more beneficial.and helpful because three planets are 120 degrees apart making three trines. Grand Trines are grand, but somewhat rare.

Grand Trine

Other planetary patterns include a square and opposition which are considered "turbulent" aspects.A square is formed when two planets are 90 degrees apart and an opposition is formed when two planets are 180 degrees apart.



If you have these "turbulent" planetary patterns in your birth chart, don't worry. Birth charts are treated and interpreted differently than transits.


Transits are what astrologers call the planets in the sky today. A transiting planet might be at the same degree as a planet in your natal chart for a few days, a few weeks or even months. If it is one of the fast moving planets such as Mercury, Venus, or even Mars, you might not notice it. But when a slow moving planet makes an extended transit to one of your natal planets it could signify conditions that impact your life and it would be wise to know whether the cosmic lights are "red" or "green."

If the chart in the illustrations looks strange to you, that is because it is a Magi Chart.

Magi Astrologers use a special type of chart that can display the declinations as well as the positions of the planets in longitude. Magi Astrologers also use what is called a Babylonian chartwheel--the chart is always oriented with Libra on the left side where traditional charts show the ascendant. The ascendant is based on the birth time so if your birth time is not accurate it can "throw off" the entire chart. But in Magi Astrology, although we can pinpoint the ascendant when an accurate birth time is available, if we do not have an accurate birth time to work with we simply omit it and will still obtain a great amount of valuable detail. The principles of Magi Astrology do not rely upon house systems for accuracy.

There are numerous other planetary aspects used in astrology such as a sextile, semi-sextile, quincunx (also known as an inconjunct), quintile and conjunction.

There are also alignments formed in the declinations ( the angular distance measured north or south from the celestial equator) called parallels and contraparallels.

Magi Astro Charts show the declinations of the planets inside the hexagon.

Parallel of declination

Some patterns are even more complex. If there are four planets at 90 degrees distance from one another (squares) that create a picture that looks like a box it is called a Grand Cross. Some planetary alignments look like the pattern of a Kite, one is called a Star of David, and one is called a Yod. A Yod consists of two planets making a 150 ° angle to a 3rd one from two different signs..

Magi Astrology has names for highly complex patterns such as the Flying Eagle, Golden Rectangle, Iron Butterfly, Invincible Fortress, Mystical Triangle and more.

That ends your first lesson in astrology.

It is a study that can take a lifetime to master. There are more lessons below.


For more information about the major planetary patterns and basic principles of Magi Astrology please watch these videos at YouTube:

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