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Magi BetteMagi Bette can tell you which way the wind is blowing so you can adjust your sails and use the winds to your advantage.

Private consultations by telephone are available by appointment only.

Below you will find a description of consultations, types of consultations, prices, testimonials, and instructions to book an appointment.


A consultation is tailored to help you choose optimum timing and make wise choices based on knowledge culled from Magi Society research and Magi Bette’s extensive personal astrological experience. By consulting wih Magi Bette you can apply the principles of Magi Astrology to your chart's unique cycles and make better informed, more intelligent decisions.

The awareness of ongoing planetary energies and patterns will help you make smarter choices about the people in your life and wiser decisions about the time to initiate a major change or begin a significant enterprise.

Magi Bette can point out when the astrological “traffic lights” will force you to put on the brakes or when they are likely to give you a green light to reach your goals

What is important about a professional consultation is the advice you receive that will show you how you can benefit from upcoming transiting conditions and use them to your advantage.

A consultation will also help you avoid problems, heartbreak, and trouble because you will be prepared to take precautions during times when planetary transits are waving a red flag.


Magi Bette examines the charts and upcoming transits in advance and may spend an hour (or more) before your telephone session developing an overview and finding the most important focal points to discuss.

A consultation is tailored to help you choose optimum timing and make wise choices based on knowledge culled from the research performed by the Magi Society and Magi Bette’s extensive personal astrological experience.

Before the appointment Magi Bette prepares all the pertinent data and will have studied your chart (s) ahead of time. Magi Bette will thoroughly examine the natal chart, the progressed chart, and key transits in longitude, laatitudes and declinations in both the geocentric and heliocentric chart.

Traditional astrologers only consider the geocentric dimension, but Magi Astrology is multidimensional so you will benefit from a much more thorough analysis of upcoming conditions.

Magi Bette does not read from a book or offer “canned presentations” from computer generated reports. Every person's chart is unique and therefore every consultation is unique.


Consultations are customized to YOUR needs.

Depending on your situation you may receive dates or range of dates when you are more likely to meet that “special someone,” to interview for very important job, to change jobs, to open a bank account, or the best times to take on additional obligations such as a car payment or loan.

You can learn the pros and cons about a person you have just met by asking for a compatibility analysis. Find out whether you and that other person have the necessary cosmic “glue” to stay together through thick and thin, or whether this person will eventually cause you heartache.

You can set up a consultation to choose an optimum wedding date that will guarantee that you and your spouse will have the best possible chance at a blissful, long, and successful partnership.

You can ask for a consultation to pick a day to launch a business that will reflect well on you and bring you as much success, financial security, and satisfaction as possible.

The aim of a professional astrological consultation is to provide you with the BEST dates to begin something important, to make decisions, or to make changes.

A consultation will keep you forearmed and forewarned. You will learn the times when the stars are not favorable so you should stay out of the spotlight and avoid taking on anything new.


Prices range from $180 for one hour sessions to $250 for comphrehensive 90 minute sessions that include progression analysis. Prices range from $300 to $350 for wedding dates and incorporation dates dependent upon the complexity.


A $75 deposit is required to book an appoinment.

Send a $75 deposit using the Payments link and Magi Bette will email you a questionaire and details about pricing.

Once a deposit has been received you will be emailed a questionnaire.

Return the questionnaire or the necessary information, (your birthdate and phone number at the very least), and you will receive a personal call to set up a consultation appointment.

Magi Bette will choose the best day astrologically within the week ahead to contact you for the first time.

Magi Bette attracts kind, intelligent and thoughtful people as clients and is grateful for each and every one of them.


Your personal information will NEVER be used for unsolicited advertising or shared with third parties. Anything discussed will be entirely private. You will not be bombarded by advertising from this website or have your email address added to a mailing list.


"I wanted to thank you again for your time, your insightful reading and advice! You gave me a peace of mind that is invaluable."

"Thanks so much for your support and advice over the years. I trust you so much, it's almost like having an astrological mother."

"Again, thank you for helping me and us Bette. I am so very glad you are in my life! You are such a blessing !"

Omaha, NE: Thank you Bette, I appreciate the recording.Your assessments are spot on.

Santa Monica, CA: Thank you very much for your super fast reply and help! Your expertise is soooooo valuable to me.

Las Vegas, NV: As you know, I so value your expertise!! Whenever I followed your advise things worked out well.

Portland, OR: It was great talking to you this week. It really gives me a sense of how to 'target' future plans and decisions, as well as dealing with anxieties.

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