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This special post will compare the transits of all the Democratic and Republican candidates on Super Tuesday.


The heated Presidential races will receive worldwide attention on Super Tuesday.

On Super Tuesday, March 1, 2016, numerous states hold Presidential elections. Alaska, Colorado, and Minnesota hold Presidential Caucuses while Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia hold Presidential Primary elections.

Astrologically, to decide which person will win the Presidential bid, one must examine the birth charts and progressions of each candidate and analyze the chart of the date that the candidate announced the campaign.

When a new campaign is launched it has a natal chart.

Last summer people were not sure Donald Trump was a serious candidate. In early August 2015 a detailed analysis of Donald Trump’s chart and the chart of Trump’s announcement of his candidacy for President (written by yours truly) was posted to the Magi Society’s Member’s Only website.

In that analysis it was very clear astrologically that Donald Trump was going to do very well because of his progressions, transits and excellent announcement date.

Donald Trump’s campaign HAS been EXTREMELY successful and this was shown astrologically.


The Presidential race is much like a horse race but rather than speed each candidate must be popular.

Results can vary from state to state and day to day as the electoral process grinds forward to November 2016, but the most popular candidate on the day an election is held usually gets the most votes.


Astrologically popularity is determined by Cinderella Transits.

A Candidate’s Likeability and Popularity and Ability to Land “the Job” depend upon Cinderella Transits.

This means the transits to the chart of a candidate on the day an election is held are important.

Cinderella Transits place emphasis upon a person’s attractiveness and trustworthiness.

Chiron Chiron Transits either from transiting Chiron or to natal Chiron add the power of publicity and likeability even if they are not Cinderella Transits.

If basic principles of popularity based on astrology are reliable then the person with the most Cinderella Transits and Chiron Transits and the fewest negative transits will win the most votes on Super Tuesday.

So, as a fun experiment let’s take a look at which Presidential candidate has the most Cinderella Transits on Super Tuesday. Let’s ignore progressed charts and the date the campaign was launched.

All candidates listed in alphabetical order.


Hillary Clinton
Cinderella Transits:
t. Neptune trine Chiron (long term Cinderella)
Chiron Transits:
t. Chiron trine Mercury
t. Ceres || Chiron
t. Ceres trine Chiron (separating in geo, applying In Heliocentric)
t. Chiron square Uranus (heliocentric)
Saturn || Chiron (separating, heliocentric) reputation damaging transit that peaked in January

Bernie Sanders
Cinderella Transits:
t. Neptune quincunx Chiron (long term Cinderella)
t. Chiron quincunx Venus (long term Cinderella)
t. Chiron || Pluto (separating, heliocentric)
Chiron Transits:
t. Chiron || Vesta
t. Chiron contraparallel Mercury

Bernie Sanders has a somewhat better set of Cinderella transits on Super Tuesday than Hillary Clinton.


Ben Carson
Cinderella Transits:
t. Chiron quincunx Pluto
Chiron Transits
t. Chiron || Saturn
t. Vesta contraparallel Chiron (heliocentric)

Ted Cruz
Cinderella Transits:
t. Juno opposite Saturn and Juno - can bring out suspicions about honesty and detract from popularity.
See the NOTES below.

John Kasich
Don’t discount John Kasich. This soft spoken Governor of Ohio may sneak up on the competition. He has an impressive resume having spent many years in Congress in the House of Representatives, a few years in investment banking, a short time in broadcasting and is known to be a competent Governor. He has more experience than any other candidate.

Cinderella Transits:
t. Chiron trine to Earth in heliocentric (long term Cinderella Transit)
t. Venus || Chiron in geo (short term Cinderella)

Marco Rubio
Cinderella Transits:
t. Sun contraparallel his Chiron (short term Cinderella)
t. Saturn contraparallel Sun and Ceres- conservatism, naked ambition, and/or responsibilities can be an obstacle to his forward motion. An emphasis on conservatism and traditional party loyalty can actually detract from his campaign.
t. Saturn quincunx his Juno –suspicion of underhandedness can detract from his campaign

Donald Trump
Cinderella Transits:
t. Chiron contraparallel Neptune (long term Cinderella)
t. Neptune || Chiron (long term Cinderella in heliocentric)
t. Sun || Chiron (short term Cinderella)
t. Jupiter contraparallel Chiron- (short term Cinderella separating but still within orb)
Chiron Transits:
t. Chiron square Sun—he can be blamed for everything and everything, but it adds to his magnetism
t. Uranus contraparallel Chiron- adds to popularity and publicity
t. Juno parallel Chiron - adds to popularity and publicity
t. Uranus trine Pluto which equates to powerful publicity. This is a hugely important alignment although not a Cinderella

The best alignments by far are those of Donald Trump, then John Kasich, followed by Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson.

NOTES: Remember, the ultimate outcome of the Presidential election will be based on more than the transiting conditions during one primary. Much more data is necessary to make a valid prediction such the Candidate’s chart, progressions, and the date that candidate began his or her campaign.

For instance, Jeb Bush had some lovely long term Cinderella alignments, but withdrew from the campaign after the South Carolina primary. He announced his candidacy on a poor date.

Even a short term Cinderella transit can boost someone’s reputation and popularity temporarily and that is sometimes all that is needed . A short term Cinderella means one that only last a few days, perhaps a transit by Venus or the Sun. A long term Cinderella transit is one that can last months and is much more important over the long term.

Hope you have fun watching the primaries on Super Tuesday!

Magi Bette

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