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June 2016


June 1- 3 The Sun is involved in a T Square with Neptune and a retrograde Saturn. If you look closely there is a Grand Cross that involves Jupiter so all of the mutable signs are involved. This is a particularly poor time to initiate anything of great importance although Jupiter adds some optimism. This could be reflected on the world stage by turmoil with oil and gas prices, interest rate hikes, or stock market losses. This illuminates the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square and may put serious issues front and center that won’t play out completely until June 17th.

June 4 - New Moon at 14.9 ° Gemini hooked up with Pluto and the ongoing Jupiter Pluto trine for a much improved outlook for the rest of the month.

June 7- 11 - This is a much better time to start anything of importance especially if publicity is needed. Yet, that Saturn-Neptune square will be part of any new chart, so it is not the best date if money or financial security is important.

SaturnJune 17 Saturn square Neptune is exact. Saturn stirs up fear as it devalues and limits whatever it touches while Neptune rules everything from stocks, real estate and drugs to oil and gas. The panic about the mosquito spread Zika virus may get worse, and health based fears may spread due to the news that a completely antibiotic resistant bacteria –a SUPERBUG- was found in a patient in Pennsylvania.

June 20 - Summer Solstice and a Full Moon in the last degree of Sagittarius while the Sun is trine Juno. A romantic night to watch fireflies perform their love dance.

June 24 —Avoid launching anything new within 3 days of this date.

JupiterJune 26Jupiter trine Pluto is exact. If people are experiencing losses in the markets then someone must receive a profit. Jupiter aligned with Pluto is all about making powerfully wise choices. For anyone with planets at 16.5 degrees of Earth signs in the natal chart this can be a very good date indeed to initiate something of importance.

Thoughts on Retrograde Planets

MercuryIf Mercury Retrograde is as awful as traditional astrologers would have you believe, then why isn’t any other planet demeaned when it is retrograde?

Traditional astrologers advise you to not sign contracts during a Mercury Retrograde.

In June both Mars and Pluto are retrograde. Does this mean you shouldn’t have sex, go to work or make money?

Rx - Retrograde Planets In June - Rx

Planets don't stop and change direction. Really. Planets only APPEAR to go backwards when retrograde. This is due to the relative speeds of motion, much like sitting in a car when another car pulls up beside yours at a stop light.

ALL MONTH - SATURN remains retrograde in Sagittarius throughout June making life challenging for anyone with key planets at 13.4° - 11.2°

June 14 2016 - NEPTUNE turns Retrograde at 12° Pisces just a few days before the major peak of exactness with its square to Saturn.

June 26 2016 - CHIRON turns Retrograde at 25.1° Pisces

June 29 2016 - MARS turns Direct in motion at 23.1° Scorpio and trines Chiron. Mars has been retrograde since April 17 (and at its closest point to earth as well).

Using the traditional astrology theory of retrograde planets you can now go to work or have sex now.. :-)


This might be the craziest and least predictable presidential election of the century.

The Saturn Neptune square is touching the Sun of the U.S. chart. Saturn is quincunx the U.S. Sun, which represents the President. This alignment becomes exact on or about June 3 (remember that is a very turbulent time astrologically). Saturn is a troublemaker and represents selfish interests.

Meanwhile Neptune is moving towards a long term trine to the U.S. Sun that will not peak until this President has left office. This is very good for lasting peace, high ideals and prosperity.

This is one example of how this Saturn Neptune square touches the U.S. chart acts in the real world: The President's directive to schools about transgender bathroom use may be highminded.

However, it will not be palatable to many people since the President snubbed Congress by bypassing lawmaking and threatened to withhold Federal money from schools that do not comply. 11 states have already filed a lawsuit that will be costly for the Federal government to fight.

The Presidential Race


Clinton: May saw Mrs. Clinton’s reputation hit from several sides. It was disclosed that there was an ongoing FBI investigation into campaign funding of the new Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, who was an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative (part of the Clinton Foundation) and past Chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

The State Department email scandal was refueled when an independent auditor declared that Hillary Clinton broke federal email rules and did not have permission to handle state department email from a home server. Attacks escalated on her husband’s past record with women and the media dredged up the old affairs and scandals.

Transiting Saturn hovers within orb of Clinton’s natal Chiron, placing emphasis on examples of her past poor judgment. For those who really watch the stars check out the Saturn/Chiron midpoint and the natal Sun and Earth/Moon of Clinton’s chart in June and July.

Sanders: In May Bernie Sanders beat Mrs. Clinton in several states and lost by a handful of votes in Kentucky. Bernie Sanders refuses to give up his run for the White House even though his chances, due to Clinton’s hold on Super Delegates, are slim. The Nevada Democratic convention turned unpleasant when pro Sanders delegates were turned away and called the system “rigged.” Mrs. Clinton refused to agree to a televised debate with Sanders before the California primaries on June 7. Meanwhile talks have begun between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to hold a debate without Mrs. Clinton. Bernie Sanders has a beautiful charismatic alignment transiting his chart, but watch transiting Saturn in August when the elderly Sanders may have a difficult time.


Trump: In early May Donald Trump saw his two GOP rivals drop out of the Presidential race and by the end of the month easily reached the number of delegates necessary to win the Republican Presidential nomination. It may come as a big surprise that he did this before either of before the Democrats won their required number of delegates. Organized protesters enacted more violence at Trump rallies, threw rocks at police and police horses, damaged property, set fire to American flag T shirts, waved non-American flags and acted like cretins—they protest “hate” but show “hate.” A “hit piece” by a New York newspaper tried to prove that Trump was disliked by women, but the piece was strongly disputed by at least one of the subject women interviewed for the article who said her words were manipulated.

Trump’s chart has too many Cinderella and favorable alignments in process to discuss—he is on a roll.

On May 1 2016 This Was Posted Here

"With Saturn || Pluto expect to see attempts to install rules and regulations in the mortgage, banking industries, stock exchanges and other attempts to gain control of great wealth for political power. "

In May the Federal Reserve stated that they fully intend to raise interest rates.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and a delightful summer solstice!

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