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UPDATE: ***The Moon at its closest proximity to Earth in 68 years on November 13-14 2016. We saw it! We took a picture! ***

Usually election forecasts are based upon the day the election occurs. There is a new complication in this century due to early voting.  

When everyone votes on the same day it is easy to see which candidate or candidacy chart has the best transits.

However, in the past 20 years the voting process has changed drastically.

Absentee voting has been allowed for more than a century and all but 7 states now permit early voting with or without an excuse.  Both early voting and absentee voting brought a small percentage of the votes into play in elections in the last half of the 20th century.  However, early voting has become popular and now comprises 30% of the vote according to Wikipedia.

This means that only 70 % of the votes will be based on the global world transits of Election Day.

This creates a questionable state of affairs for astrologers who would like to predict election results.

November 9 - The Earth is applying to a quincunx to dismal Saturn. This alignment will be applying on Presidential Election Day. The populace might not be happy with the results and accusations of trickery may be fielded. At the same time, the Earth is trine powerful Pluto.  In the declinations Saturn and Pluto are aligned as well (see below) Saturn and Pluto together are rather nasty and everyone must agree this has been a nasty election. Apparently those with the most power and money will win.

The Election is a decision making time for the U.S.A. but luckily nothing is actually natalized until the winner takes office.

November 12 – 14 The Sun makes a delightful trine to Chiron and quincunx to Uranus. This is an excellent time to make changes or alterations or to begin anything dependent upon public acceptance.  The Sun is also forming a quincunx to businesslike Ceres adding financial gain to the equation. The time period from November 11 – 14th is the best time to begin anything of importance in November.

November 19-20 Saturn || Pluto, which was discussed earlier this year and has been a long term alignment, peaks once more. Saturn with Pluto is representative of cutthroat tactics to gain power while at the same time it limits power. Transiting Mars activates this parallel on Election Day.  At the same time the Sun and Mars are parallel. One can fight what is right using the competitiveness of Sun /Mars connection, but there can be drawbacks when the intention is to foster ambitions.

November 22- 29 - Sun parallel Saturn. Although Jupiter and Pluto form a square, which would usually indicate a fly-by-the –seat-of -your-pants lucky streak, the Sun || Saturn indicates that anything of major importance that is begun will have limited success.

November 30 – The Sun squares Neptune, draining the energies.  Combine that with the Sun || Saturn and there may be unfounded vague fears and a downtrend in financial markets. In heliocentric the Earth trine Jupiter peaks simultaneously, so the time period after the 29th isn’t quite as negative as it appears on the surface.  


Jupiter is forming a square to the Sun of the U.S.A. chart on Election Day. Jupiter, even in square, brings improvement, wisdom and optimism.

Over the next 4 years Neptune will trine the U.S.A. Sun.  Neptune is gentle, idealistic and sympathetic. Rather than the power hungry manipulations of the past years when Pluto opposed the U.S.A. chart’s Sun, we will have a more idealistic and high-minded executive branch.

No matter who wins or how nasty it gets, in the long run we can look forward to a kinder, more peaceful Presidency once this election process is completed.




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"A vote is like a rifle: its usefulness depends upon the character of the user."

Theodore Roosevelt



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