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SUCCESS & FAILURE - The Edsel- Star Trek- Planetary Conditions of the U.S. Presidential Election for October -



The Edsel


The Edsel, the car that became synonymous with complete and abject failure, was first introduced to the public on September 4, 1957.

The car was filled with high tech gadgets and built by the reputable Ford Motor Company.

There was a media blitz that included magazine ads and the sponsorship of a TV show starring the likes of Frank Sinatra to guarantee its success.

Yet, it failed dismally and was withdrawn from production within 2 years.

The geocentric chart appears to have all of the elements for success. The Sun is aligned with charismatic Chiron. Neptune is parallel Chiron which is another Cinderella aspect that represents something lasting. Neptune and Chiron are contraparallel Juno which are other signs of popularity. The worst aspect is Saturn opposing Juno which might represent some disappointments, but it is not the focus of the chart.

The lasting quality of the Neptune Chiron connection however translated into lasting failure.

Why did the Edsel become the alternate term for total failure during the last half of the 20th century?

The answer my friend isn’t blowing in the wind.

The answer lies in the heliocentric chart.

There it can be seen that the Earth and Moon are in an applying square to Saturn. This is one of the worst aspects to have in the chart of any new enterprise or launch date.

Another date when the Earth/Moon was square Saturn includes the date that President George W. Bush declared war on Iraq.

A Failure transformed into Long Term Success

Star Trek

Star Trek, the TV series of the 60’s, became a cult phenomenon after it was cancelled due to low ratings. The famous TV show starring William Shatner just celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

The first episode aired on September 8, 1966. It was almost cancelled after the 2nd season but renewed for one more year.

Thanks to reruns and syndication the Star Trek series welcomed an entirely new set of viewers in the 70’s. Thus were born the “Trekkies.” The TV show spawned numerous spinoffs such as “Star Trek: The New Generation “and many movies, including one called “Star Trek: Discovery” that will be released by CBS in January 2017.

The geo chart has Sun || Uranus which is absolutely great for a show that was highly original and featured high tech futuristic gadgets—many of which have actually come into being in the last 50 years.

The TV show debut chart also has a Cinderella alignment of Jupiter trine Chiron, but Saturn is conjunct Chiron.
The tragic Saturn and Chiron conjunction may explain why it was cancelled.

Look at the helio chart: The Saturn Chiron conjunction is also present in this chart. Yet Neptune is trine that same Chiron.

It is very similar to the planetary picture of the geo chart in that there is a Cinderella in the chart connected to the disastrous Saturn Chiron conjunction.

Most importantly the Earth Moon is trine Jupiter, one of the best aspects to have in the chart of a new enterprise.

Over time “Star Trek” has become a major brand name and has actually grown in popularity.

The show was cancelled but the concept and the characters lived on. The spirit of the show, as represented by the Earth/Moon, lived on to become successful (Jupiter).


Hillary & Donald sing, "I've Had The Time of My Llife"

This month we have a Presidential election race coming to a head that is possibly the most dispiriting, embarrassing and unpleasant of modern times.

In previous months it was noted in Magi Bette’s Ephemera that Hillary Clinton’s campaign chart had an ongoing transit of Saturn square Chiron which would very likely result in more unsavory revelations from WikiLeaks that could damage her reputation before the election.

That is exactly what happened this month when transcripts from Clinton’s private speeches to wealthy donors were made public.  This was offered as more proof of Clinton’s “untrustworthiness.”

These further disclosures, however, were overshadowed by the release of a secret recording from 10 years ago of Trump’s boastful and coarse private statements about women. This has been used as ammunition against Trump and even described as “sexual assault” thanks to the spin doctors.

Donald Trump ALSO has transiting Saturn squaring the Chiron of HIS campaign chart. His reputation has been maligned and attacks by the media and fellow Republicans have gone off the rails.

It all boils down to which campaign chart has the best overall chart. Trump’s campaign chart has the Earth/Moon trine JUPITER.

Clinton’s campaign chart has the Earth/Moon sextile JUPITER.

They both won their party’s nominations as seen from the campaign chart.

A trine is more indicative of success than a sextile.

On Election Day transiting Chiron will be applying to a quincunx to the Trump campaign chart Jupiter, a favorable Cinderella aspect.

In heliocentric, the reputation damaging Saturn square to the campaign chart’s Chiron, however, will still be in force.

Uranus will be within orb of a trine to Earth/Moon of the chart, which is almost close enough to trigger the original chart’s Earth/Moon trine to Jupiter.

On Election Day the transiting Sun will trine Clinton’s campaign charts’ CHIRON and quincunx it’s Uranus, while also contraparallel the campaign chart’s Jupiter.

The reputation damaging transiting Saturn square the campaign chart’s Chiron in heliocentric will be separating, having peaked 8 days earlier, but still effective within approximately a quarter of degree.

In his personal chart, Trump has progressed Earth/Moon trine Jupiter in heliocentric which is an excellent indication of success and leadership ability for winning an election, but the Earth/Moon is also quincunx Saturn, a negative aspect that affects his overall chart. In geocentric, his progressed chart has several Cinderella alignments.

In her personal chart, Clinton has a progressed Sun parallel Jupiter and quincunx to Pluto which is favorable for winning the election.

However, she also has a long term T square of Saturn, Chiron and Ceres in heliocentric progressions which is not favorable for gaining or holding positions in public office or being in charge of matters that involve public trust. It also does not help that progressed Neptune is square her progressed Sun—those health problems and allergies are a real thing.

From all of this it is obvious that the race will be close.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Democratic Party is a well-oiled machine that puts a decided spin on everything released to the media and effectively manipulates public perception. The Republican Party on the other hand is splintered into factions and practically dysfunctional. This election is about the parties themselves as well as the candidates.

On November 9th we will get up out of bed and find out who won.

Life will go on.


The United States will continue to function no matter who becomes President. The Presidential office has been described as having become overly powerful and dictatorial during the past 8 years while manipulative, power-hungry Pluto and erratic, rebellious Uranus formed the T-Square with the U.S. chart’s Sun. We now have a compassionate and gentle Neptune trine to the natal Sun in place that should bring our country back on track.

Don’t be surprised if there is some kind of dispute or falsification of the election results. Juno is square the Sun of the U.S. chart when the election occurs.


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"The Truth must dazzle gradually

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