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 Prayers for Texas - Planetary Weather September - COLOR CODED TRANSITS - HOUSTON & A HEARTBREAK TRANSIT

Prayers for Texas


It is hurricane season. Everyone is doing their best to deal with the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Please send prayers out to those who have lost their homes and been displaced by the massive rain event along the Gulf Coast.  

Transiting Saturn opposed the U.S. chart’s Mars and squared the U.S. chart’s Neptune, triggering the troublesome natal square in the U.S. chart and creating a slow moving set of unfortunate circumstances for some U.S. residents.

Since Neptune rules oil and gas as well as the oceans it is no wonder that one of the repercussions is the impact on Texas refineries and gas prices. Neptune also rules long term assets such as homes and other real estate. Saturn brings losses. It all plays out in the planetary alignments.

September Planetary Weather

Here are peak dates of beneficial and difficult planetary alignments for those choosing to begin anything of importance. How beneficial or difficult these dates will be for you depends on your own chart transits.

As usual green highlighting indicates easy alignments, red indicates difficult alignments and yellow represents alignments that require caution.

In Magi Astrology the 3 days before and after an alignment is exact is considered the peak, but the aspect between the two planets may be within 3 degrees of orb for a much longer period of time.

9/1 - 9/4 Sun contraparallel Jupiter

9/5 - 9/12 Grand Trine of Sun, Pluto and Pallas

9/11 - 9/16 Sun square Saturn

9/17 – 9/23 Saturn square Earth/Moon in heliocentric

9/23 - 9/25 - Jupiter quincunx Earth/Moon

9/25- 9/30 Sun square Juno


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eclipse signs

These signs were posted across Missouri the weekend before the total solar eclipse of August 21.

The eclipse was parallel Houston's Mars and Ceres using June 5, 1837 as Houston's incorporation date.

The Saturn Chiron square (a heartbreak transit) in heliocentric may have peaked, but it is still in effective orb. It created a T-square to Houston's natal Venus.

The results of Hurricane Harvey was certainly a Heartbreak situation for Houston.

This eclipse acted as a cosmic RESET BUTTON and occured at 29° 53" Leo, separating from a trine to Uranus and quincunx to Chiron.




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The word "disaster" comes from ancient words meaning "bad stars."






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