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THE ORVILLE : The Court of Public Opinion - Planetary Weather November




The Orville is a spaceship and the name of a new sci fi dramedy airing on Fox.

It premiered on Sunday, September 10, 2017 and was created by and stars Seth MacFarlane.

Since the TV show’s launch chart includes a difficult alignment of Sun square Saturn the show may not live long and prosper, but the series certainly offered some scathing social commentary on a recent episode.

The seventh episode was titled “Majority Rule,” in which the crew of the Orville head to an Earth-like planet to locate a pair of missing anthropologists.

The away team dressed in appropriate attire and thought they would easily fit in since the natives were very similar to their own primitive Earth ancestors, albeit equipped with smart phones.

The crew find those smart phones problematic when Helmsman LaMarr gets his groove on to the music in a public square and hops up to dance with the statue of a venerated national heroine. His lewd gyrations are caught on smart phone cameras and the dance goes viral, leading to his quick arrest.

The rest of the team notices that everyone is sporting badges with green and red buttons. They soon find a friendly black-market news dealer who gives them a deal on some counterfeit badges, (preprogrammed with a healthy share of green button “likes”) so they can fit in.

Meanwhile, the video of Helmsman LaMarr has received so many negative votes on those red buttons that there is no choice but to have him appear in the court of public opinion by making the rounds of talk shows to apologize for his disrespect of the revered national heroine.

The other members of the team investigate and find out that the missing anthropologists did not stand up and offer their seats to a pregnant woman on public transportation and were subjected to the same “court of public opinion.” One of them was killed trying to escape after his red button total exceeded 10 million votes and the other one was “corrected,” which was for all practical purposes a lobotomy.

Rather than a lawyer, Helmsman LaMarr is assigned someone who acts as his PR person to help him make the rounds. On national television the public will decide if he is appropriately contrite and sincere. He learns that if he receives more than 10 million red button votes he will be “corrected.” He tries to tell some jokes, but the red “dislikes” outnumber the green “likes.”

Luckily, a local girl finds out that the team are “aliens” and thinks they are awesome. She agrees to help them by using the Master Feed (internet) to influence public opinion. She uploads sympathetic pictures that portray Helmsman LaMarr as a war hero and also shows he is a dog lover to sway the mobs.

This local girl has no concept of a legal system since everyone votes on everything, including health care.

She says, “My dad always says the majority are the truth. I mean, you always know what the majority wants. That's what matters.”

Grayson: We haven't seen evidence of any codified legal framework. It all seems subject to public vote at any given time.

Isaac: Captain, what she is describing is an absolute, unstructured democracy. There is no record of any previously discovered society operating in such a fashion.

Malloy: Government by American Idol.

This all sounds scarily familiar in the real world of planet earth in the U.S. where “criticism” has reached new heights. The words “demonize, condemn, attack, vilify” come to mind.  

Saturn square Chiron peaks November 2.

But there is more to it if one examines the planetary patterns.

Saturn is the planet of accusations, condemnation and criticism and Chiron represents reputation and publicity as well as social media.

Saturn is, at the same time, trine to Uranus, the planet of fame and notoriety and the patron saint of actors and celebrities.

Saturn is also parallel Pluto, the planet of big money, power and sex.

It is easy to see these 4 planets at work in the headline news. Reputations and lives are destroyed in a snap when the mob mentality rules:

  • Paul Manafort, ex-Trump campaign manager, indicted for (big) money laundering.
  • Social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Google testify before lawmakers in probe of Russian influence on social media in the 2016 election.
  • The statues of Confederate heros and a plaque commemorating George Washington, the first president, are removed due to protests related to slave ownership in past centuries.
  • Harvey Weinstein, the money mogul of Miramax fame, is now infamous. He hasn’t yet gone to trial for sexual assault or harassment, but has lost control of his company after numerous widely publicized accusations.
  • Kevin Spacey was subjected to an accusation from another actor about inappropriate sexual contacts that allegedly occurred in 1986 (26 years ago) when the actor was 14 years old.
  • Spacey's apologies for an event he did not recall were criticized and considered unacceptable by social media. Within days Kevin Spacey lost a chance to appear in a 7th season of Netflix’s award winning House of Cards and had his Emmy Award cancelled.  No legal charges, no jury, no trial. The court of public opinion made a decision.
  • President H.W. Bush, 93 years old, was said to have “sexually assaulted” a woman (those exact words used on CBS morning show) by patting her derriere during a photo shoot while he sat in his wheel chair. Other women followed up to say he did the same thing. He apologized via news outlets. His explanations were considered acceptable. His reputation was merely damaged, not destroyed.
  • Meanwhile, 8 people were killed on a Manhattan bike path on October 31 by a crazed terrorist in a pickup truck.

 We will all surely be happier when November 3 rolls around.

There is a highly energizing and rare Grand Trine of the Earth, Pluto and Mars peaking on November 9.

The Sun aligns helpfully with publicity positive Chiron and Uranus peaking on Nov. 16 and 17th

There is a downturn peaking on November 18, 19, 20 while Mars and Pluto clash and Saturn briefly hooks up with the Earth/Moon in heliocentric.

The Magi Society Best & Worst Days Calendar for November has dates chosen for specific activities.




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"There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion."
--- Winston Churchill

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.”
― Allen Ginsberg







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