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MAY 2017

Planetary Weather of May - Total Solar Eclipse August 21 - Scandals and Vandals; Fox News and the Saturn Chiron Square - Roger Ailes * Bill O’Reilly



As we enjoy a predominately benign May we also have a chance to plan ahead for the summer.


Saturn and Chiron: It is lovely to look back at the Saturn Chiron square in the rear view mirror, but because Saturn is retrograde this alignment will not be fully completed until Saturn turns direct and does its thing for the 3rd time on November 2.  Luckily, it will be out of orb most of the summer.

There is, however, also a heliocentric system clash forming between these two reputation smearing bodies peaking on August 8 to consider.

Total Solar Eclipse: The Moon blocks the light of the Sun.


On August 21, at 28.9 Leo, we also expect a historically significant Total Solar eclipse—the first one viewable in the continental U.S. since 1979.

“The August 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA's Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918. Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country's independence in 1776.”

The eclipse degree will be enhanced in a pattern with Chiron and Uranus so this event might offer a good opportunity to hold an eclipse party.


Exact dates in May for WORLD TRANSITS are listed below.

Remember the 3 day rule: 3 days before, and up to 3 days after the peak date, the aspect is at a peak of influence. The closer the aspect is to exact, the more powerful it is for good or bad.

May 5 Sun quincunx Jupiter –We are always optimistic and tolerant of others when Jupiter connects with the Sun in the world chart. Use the wisdom to make decisions or to plan for the future. Mildly helpful. Should make the running of the Kentucky Derby on May 6 a pleasant event.

May 9 Sun trine Pluto – This is a powerful top notch world chart pattern ideal for focusing on financial affairs, business launches and starting anything that requires stamina and diligence.

May 10 Venus || Chiron – this romantic transit brightens a few days for the pursuit of close relationships and instilling trust and a sense of intimacy.

May 15 Earth trine Chiron – This is usually a tranquil world chart condition and excellent for making commitments and promises. But, as stated above, Chiron is in process of squaring Saturn in the heliocentric system, so anything begun could get complicated.

May 17 Sun quincunx Saturn –Mildly negative doom and gloom aspect. Criticism and perfectionism can create a downturn in attitude. Good for detail work and organization but not a good time to start anything of importance.

May 25 - May 26Sun, Ceres and Pluto aligned in declinations—good time for business, financial affairs, shrewd planning

May 31 Sun contraparallel Saturn – Mildly negative doom and gloom aspect. Criticism and perfectionism can create a downturn in attitude. Good for detail work and organization but not a good time to start anything of importance.


Fox News and the Saturn Chiron Square

FOX NEWS is getting more than their fair share of mention on OTHER news channels for a spate of reputation crushing scandals ranging from the serious to the ridiculous.

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In the past month:

*** Mainstay #1 cable TV show host Bill O’Reilly was ousted on April 19 when it was revealed that Fox News paid $13 million dollars to numerous women to settle sexual harassment lawsuits in the past few years.

*** A Federal investigation into the Fox News financial activities was revealed in February but magnified this past month when the financial crimes experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service jumped on board with the Justice Department team. Source

*** Recently it was announced that a racial discrimination lawsuit had been filed against Fox News by 13 present and past employees. Source

*** Then Fox’s Jesse Watters took a sudden unscheduled vacation amid criticism because he said about Ivanka Trump, “I really like how she was speaking into that microphone.”

 Watch the video clip

Lewd?  Or are the outrage, condemnation and accusations of misogynism just a case of the sharks smelling blood and ganging up on Fox News while it is down?

It isn’t surprising that slurs on reputations and news of scandalous behaviors are headline news since the square between Saturn and Chiron in the World Chart was exact on April 30.

That reputation damaging Saturn Chiron square created a T-Square with the Fox News launch date’s natal Mercury.  See the chart See the chart

If Bill O’Reilly was considered the top voice of Fox News it is reasonable to assume that his role would be symbolized by Mercury.

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, transiting Saturn is contraparallel Chiron in the heliocentric Fox chart. Saturn loves to criticize, condemn and find fault so this type of transit can cause serious damage to the reputation (Chiron).

Fox News was launched on October 7, 1996.

It grew and became a successful enterprise.  The Fox News Launch chart shows the strength of planetary alignments that are ideal for a news outlet.

A cable news station needs to be able to communicate succinctly. The launch chart shows mercuryMercury (communication) trine Uranus (worldwide, media) and Neptune (morals, ethics) and Fox News did a good job of conveying the news quickly and with a driving set of principles. 

The Sun of this chart is at the midpoint of a trine between Mars (drive, initiative) and Ceres (business) and Fox News did a good job reporting the business world, stock markets and financial news.

Saturn and Pluto are in trine symbolizing perhaps the power (Pluto) derived from conservatism (Saturn) with Uranus (part of the Mercury Uranus trine denoting skilled communication) at their midpoint. These planets are linked to Venus which blends them together into a coordinated whole.

These are just the latest scandals.

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Last year Fox’s head honcho Roger Ailes stepped down due to charges of sexual harassment resulting in huge settlements paid to some well-known female employees at Fox News.

This transpired as transiting Pluto squared the natal Sun of the Fox News chart. Ailes was the “boss” as represented by the Sun in the Fox chart. plutoPluto rules pressure as well as sex and can transform, erase or eradicate whatever it squares.

Roger Ailes was pressured into leaving the cable news giant he had built.



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