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JUNE 2017


Planetary Weather of June - Cinderella Transits - Manchester By The Sea - Oscar Winner Casey Afleck & his Transits

Manchester By The Sea

Manchester, England has been in the news recently due to a mindless terrorist attack that left 22 innocent people dead and many more injured, but Manchester By The Sea is a coastal town near Boston and the title of an award winning film.

This dark tale of a man riddled by guilt and loss, and caught in the throes of a deep depression, was nominated for a total of 6 Academy Awards and was a hair’s breathe away from winning Best Picture.

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The movie is powerfully somber, beautifully crafted and well worth watching thanks to a unique juxtaposition of music, exquisite cinematography and sparse storyline.

It received a well-deserved Best Original Screenplay statue at the 2017 Academy Awards for author and director Kenneth Lonergan.

The 2017 Academy Awards also gave actor Casey Afleck the Best Actor Oscar for his starring role in Manchester By The Sea.


Casey Afleck is hardly a major star and has even been described as someone who “mumbles his lines.” Yet having a powerful brother such as Ben Afleck helps. Case in point; Ben’s longtime friend Matt Damon was instrumental in Casey getting the part in this movie.

“Affleck has cornered the market on characters who either mumble all their lines or remain silent while avoiding eye contact.” Yale Daily News

What is most interesting is that Casey Afleck has the “heartbreak aspect” of Saturn square Chiron in his birth chart and won an Oscar for portraying a heartbroken man beset by numerous family tragedies.

It is even more interesting to note that the position of Chiron in his natal “heartbreak aspect” was accentuated when the film was released and also when the Oscars were announced.


Casey Afleck was born August 12, 1975 and the awards were handed out on February 26, 2017

Transiting Chiron was parallel Casey Afleck’s Venus when he received this honor and recognition for his performance.

AND transiting Venus was parallel Casey Afleck’s natal Chiron!


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These are two Cinderella transits that coincided with the announcement of the Academy Award win. Cinderella transits indicate a time of increased popularity and recognition,

Manchester By The Sea’s official release date was November 18, 2016.

On that day Casey Afleck had transiting Chiron within orb of a quincunx to his natal Sun while the transiting Sun was quincunx his natal Chiron, too!


Click here for larger image

Chiron in alignment with the Sun is another Cinderella aspect.

Transiting Cinderella aspects made from Chiron to a natal planet can last several weeks, months or more and indicate a Cinderella time.

Transiting aspects from the Sun or Venus, however, are quite fast moving.

The Sun and Venus move very quickly so most transits from the Sun or Venus to a natal planet are in orb for a few days and seldom more than a week. Yet whether slow moving Chiron applies to the Sun or Venus or whether the faster moving Sun or Venus applies to Chiron they are all Cinderella transits.

One could say that the public, or at least the voters in the film industry, “loved” Casey Afleck’s performance as a tragic figure.

PS: Casey Afleck had numerous Cinderella transits, but also had transiting Uranus trine his natal Sun when the film was shown in theaters for the first time. This is the alignment that brings fame and is especially powerful for those in the entertainment industry.


With so much going on in the summertime it is good to know the best and worst dates to start something important.

June 3 – The Good: The Sun trine Jupiter is at a peak. In ancient astrology Jupiter was considered a “benefic” because it is helpful whenever it is linked to any other planet. This alignment offers several days that are excellent for launching something of importance, making crucial decisions or obtaining advice from professionals.

June 15 – The Bad: The Sun opposite Saturn is exact. This is one of the worst transiting alignments to have in any chart, so it is a good date to avoid when natalizing something new. For instance, signing contacts or beginning a new job. Remember the three days before AND after any solar aspect is exact will have this unpleasant factor within orb in the chart.

June 19 - The Not So Good: The Sun is square Chiron. This is a very poor time to launch anything that requires favorable publicity and is somewhat difficult for romantic endeavors.



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Artwork Credit: Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) This Czechoslovakian Art Nouveau artist became famous in the fin de siecle period after his poster of actress Sarah Bernhardt became a sensation. His work often celebrates the beauty of women. His posters and artwork are colorful, sensual, filled with detail and rich with symbolism.





“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

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“When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching -- they are your family. ” - Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty




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