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Astrology developed because ancient man needed to predict the seasons.

The beginning of each season marks a crucial turning point.

Each season begins while the Sun is in a Cardinal sign. The second of these Cardinal signs is Cancer.


Cancer is the sign of the zodiac the Sun appears in when the summer solstice occurs during June.

The solstice is the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and marks the beginning of summer time, when, as the song says, “living is easy.” This summer solstice is a day when we have the most light.

In traditional astrology Cancer is the sign that represents the home and the family.

Summer The little chick that pecked his way out of the shell in the spring is now part of a family and enjoying his place in the flock. He is an individual, but still nurtured by his surroundings that are rich in food at this time of year.

Astrology can be a nurturing experience that helps an individual find his or her place in the world.

The sign for Cancer is the Crab and we are reminded of the life style of the crab that struggles within the confining space of a shell that does not grow at the same pace as his inner body.

At some point in its life cycle the crab must shed its hard shell. In order to grow, and to thrive, the crab must shed the old shell and its old home, while at the same time building a new one within.

This isn’t easy. That is because the crab is at risk for a short period of time when it has shed its old shell and begins to rebuild a new one. The crab is then known as a “soft-shell” crab and it is vulnerable to attack by sea birds and other predators.

The crab’s challenge is to be vulnerable in order to grow and fulfill its destiny.

In a similar way we often struggle when we begin to forge new alliances, develop a new life style, or create a new persona to show the world. During this process of sharing our feelings we are left defenseless and open to attack.

This may serve as a reminder that there are times when we find we have become too dependent upon the structures we have built in our lives and that they may restrict us and prevent us from growing.

There may come a time when we realize that what we have no longer serves us but instead we are serving these things. There could be a time when the people in our lives do not let us grow at our own pace, or when we have become callous towards them.

There may come a time when we must take the risk and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and show the world our real self in order to grow. It may be necessary to quit clinging to the past in order to make way for the new.

The Moon

The Moon

The Moon is associated with Cancer in traditional astrology. The Moon is the symbol of instincts and emotions and can be deemed capricious, calling to mind the term, "lunatics."

There is, however, a higher meaning to the Moon. The Moon represents a person’s ability to reflect upon events, recall the past or absorb information using all the senses or tools at his or her disposal.

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