APRIL 2014



April 2014

Adjust to Changes

Keywords for April 2014: The More It Changes The More It Stays The Same

April may bring spring flowers, which after this long winter will be a welcome relief, but this year it also brings a month of powerful planetary alignments. The Earth itself vibrates as the Sun and Moon line up like billiard balls with a lunar eclipse on the 15th and a solar eclipse on the 29th.

A Grand Cross, a pattern that begins to build in late March, highlights and dominates April as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto square off, signaling heavenly and earthly turbulence. Like dominoes set on their end, when one is nudged all the others are affected, in a chain reaction.

These powerful alignments can signal disturbances in the ethers and pressures on the Earth that result in interruptions to radio transmissions and stresses on the Earth’s core leading to earthquakes and natural disasters.

You Need A Broom To Make Sweeping Changes

The month begins with a T-Square of the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto peaking April 3. All of this tells us that huge sweeping changes may disrupt our lives, but life goes on, and there may even be a silver lining. It isn’t a coincidence that the Affordable Care Act deadline for enrollment falls so close to this powerful time of unrest and cross purposes represented by the planetary alignments. It also isn’t a coincidence that earthquake activity has escalated in California, Chile and even Yellowstone National Park. Jupiter’s benign presence insures that most people will remain tolerant of the pressures of change and may even take advantage of new opportunities when the dust settles.

You Need A Broom To Clean Up The Pieces When Things Break Down

The financial wizards worry that the stock market will crash as the Grand Cross spanning April 17-April 23 unfolds. Jupiter and Uranus in a tight square is part of the alignment and represents that whatever occurs this month will be highly newsworthy and effective on a worldwide basis. Pluto is part of the picture and represents BIG money as well as coercion and power struggles while Uranus revolutionizes and changes social structures. Break downs of honored belief systems and technology are entirely possible while political posturing will be evident as a reaction to the pressures of change.

Those who want to know about the astrology of stock market crashes, the super fame aspects and historic aspects seen in previous stock market crashes may visit this page by the Magi Society: http://www.stockmarketcompass.com/lessons/heliocentriclesson2.html

The planetary picture reminds us all that over confidence and a lack of attention to details can lead to a downfall when major changes and adjustments are afoot.

Lines Drawn In The Sand

Mars is slowly moving into position and challenging Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto mid-month. Mars is the catalyst for upsets and disruptions and focuses the energy of the Grand Cross. Mars is, of course, the planet of war, aggression and challenges. The early April attitude of compromise and tolerance gives way to defiance, resentment and anger as Mars squares off with Pluto. Pressure will be exerted on the world stage and push could come to shove.

For anyone navigating the complicated planetary geometry of their personal lives remember that moving too fast, making major changes without proper planning, or flying by the seat of your pants, can all indicate a bubble of extreme optimism that gets shot down.

Whatever Is Drawn In The Sand Is Washed Away By The Tides

Wait until the Sun trines Neptune on the 25th to put major plans into motion to avoid  locking in a turbulent chart and complicated conditions. This late month peaceful aspect offers a good time to focus on spiritual values rather than material concerns. Take a time out to meditate and get in touch with your center.

Yes, it is certainly a complicated month when it isn’t advisable to make major changes. Major changes and tensions, however, can arise and dominate your consciousness but it is how you react to the changes and tensions outside yourself, that you cannot control, that will make the difference.

Magi Bette says best days for advertising, promotions, networking: April 5, 12, 13

Magi Bette says best days for romance, fun, social activities: April 25

Magi Bette says best days for money and career: April 26

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Happy New Year!


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Wishing all my clients and friends a Happy New Year!

Keywords for 2014: Challenges and opportunities intertwine.

The January 1 2014 New Moon in Capricorn was conjunct Sun conjunct Pluto square Mars all at 11 degrees and included a Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are not necessarily “bad” but they do sensitize a degree. In this case, the next major transit to 11 degrees cardinal is by Jupiter in mid-February when the anger, angst and aggravation can be forgiven.

We have already seen the dynamics of the challenging Mars square Pluto alignment on the world stage with the bombings in Moscow, signaling the potential for future problems with the Olympic Games. Oddly enough the 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi Russia on Feb 7-23 just as Jupiter rolls into place to T-Square the positions of Mars and Pluto and that eclipse. Jupiter is benevolent, even in a square, and always brings opportunities for peace.

 If you have any personal planets at 11 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, however, you are advised to hold off on starting anything of great importance within 3 days of the New Year.

World unrest is also demonstrated with the heliocentric Earth/Moon T Square with Uranus and Pluto present in the New Year’s Day chart. The Uranus Pluto square is a generational aspect of change and turbulence. As you may know the Uranus -Pluto squares continue into 2015 and represent social changes on an international scale. A good example of the social change represented by this ongoing square is the fact that gay marriage is now legal in 16 of the 50 states. Uranus rules social change and Pluto rules sex.  Pluto also represents big money, so banking, mortgages, insurance and taxes are undergoing transformational changes. Uranus also rules media and Pluto symbolizes power. We have all seen the power of the media grow by leaps and bounds—and change–over the past several years. More people than ever are heading to online news rather than newspapers. We are not finished yet.

Keywords for January 2014: Seeing Is Believing

 In the heliocentric system, Jupiter trines Saturn on the 18th, bringing improvements and possibly even the end to problems from the past for some people.

With Jupiter and Saturn aligned there is a measure of skepticism in the world; the “seeing is believing” attitude may prevail. There is also a measure of spirituality involved because Jupiter represents Faith as well as the Future. It is time to test theories, to demand proof, to question the old, traditional patterns and see if they really work or decide if they are outworn and just a matter of habit.  History repeats itself, and the Past is symbolized by Saturn, but if something didn’t work the first five or fifty times why do it again? Learn from past mistakes.

The challenges of this month boil down to a matter of learning who and what you can trust.

  • The Magi Society Best and Worst Days for 14 key activities available at: http://magicaltiming.com/january2014.html

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Magi Bette says best days for romance, fun, social activities: January 23, 24, 25

Magi Bette says best days for money and career: January 19, 23, 24

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Merry Christmas


Did you know that on the solstice you can balance an egg on its end? How apt since the solstice represents new beginnings and hope!

Did you know that on the solstice you can balance an egg on its end? How apt since the solstice represents new beginnings and hope!

May those of you who believe in Santa Claus have a very Merry Christmas, may your stockings be filled with wonderful things to delight your heart and soothe your soul, and may all your dreams come true.

It’s the winter solstice, the longest day of the year, but it is also the last time this year that the day gets shorter and darker. The solstice marks a turning point.

This is the turning point of the seasons and in the depth of this darkness we find hope. We know that from this day forward the days will get longer, better and brighter.  More sunshine. More happiness.

This is a great time to wish my dear clients and kind friends all the blessings of the holiday season since what we do together is  look for those personal turning points in your lives when situations can improve or when you can start something and know that each of YOUR days will get better and brighter.

As many of you may know, I do not advertise or send out promotional material, and my practice has been built upon personal referrals from satisfied clients. Thank you all for making this a wonderful year! I am immensely grateful to have touched a part of your lives and have been touched in return by your many kindnesses.

This is a good time to offer special thanks and appreciation to people who have promoted or recommended me recently.

Thanks to Mary Plumb of The Mountain Astrologer for acknowledging my work in the 90’s long before the Magi Society opened its doors. It was a lovely surprise to see my name in print and to find that my independent research and work is still valued by quality people.

Thanks to Mitch Lopate of http://www.psyast.blogspot.com/ for this glowing recommendation (and for sending me a copy): “I have to be fair and say for you that “The Best Person for this request” is Magi Bette, and her email address is magibettepublic@gmail.com and http://www.magibette.com is her site. She is very, very right in her knowledge of the best time for marriage. I completely recommend her.  I personally wouldn’t mind so much on this special day to give an answer; it’s that I want it RIGHT and in that regard, in the hands of someone I personally trust because it’s not about me–it’s for your future. Much regards and blessings, Mitch”

Huge thanks and much love to all the very wonderful friends and clients who, although they prefer to remain anonymous, provide frequent referrals. I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate the support from all of you. Here are some I was CC’d on recently:

“Dear Magi Bette, <friend>, is my best friend and I am sharing you with her, which is huge, because I know how incredibly talented you are. ………<friend>, please email Magi Bette yourself to introduce yourself to her and make an appointment with her for a general reading of your chart, a 2014 annual reading or a chart comparison. There is no better astrologer than Magi Bette in my opinion.”

“……………<friend> recommended you for expert astrological advice for picking out our special wedding date and time :)

“Two years ago Magi Bette chose the date to launch the website for our office and now almost 90% of our business comes through the web. It has been fantastic.”

And AS ALWAYS, the Magi Society deserves my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for giving me the opportunity to do what I love doing.


Three Down, Four to Go

cubeworldThe Uranus Pluto squares

The Oklahoma tornado disaster on Monday May 20, 2013 coincided with an exact square between Uranus and Pluto. The fast and furious destructive power of a tornado that clears everything out of its path offers perfect symbolism for the clash between these two planets.  My heartfelt prayers go out to those who experienced tragic losses during this devastating tornado.

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