Review of September 2014

An emphasis on business and the magical Flying Eagle formation were themes for September.

Stock Market GraphHere is an example of one success story: Hot stock pick Alibaba Group Holding had an IPO date of September 19 2014 (Flying Eagle!) and the Chinese e-comm giant is now trading on the New York Stock Exchange. At $21.8 billion, Alibaba’s IPO was expected to be the biggest to date on the U.S stock exchanges, overtaking Visa’s $19.7 billion IPO in 2008, according to Dealogic. Alibaba Group Holding’s IPO in the U.S. actually raised a much larger $25 billion, as bankers for the deal sold extra shares to meet strong demand. An IPO date shows how well a company can raise money, and its popularity among investors, and this particular stock offering really soared like an eagle, but how well the company itself does in the long run depends upon its natal chart (usually the incorporation chart).



October 2014

October 2014

October will be a difficult month in which to make new starts a success or natalize something of importance. The Sun aligns in a square to Pluto on October 4 followed by an opposition to Uranus on October 7.

The Sun square Pluto represents a thirst for power, manipulations, and ambition that steamrolls over objections with a ruthless disregard for personal rights.

The Sun opposition Uranus represents a willingness to fight for individual rights, rebellion against convention, refusal to cooperate because it is more important to remain independent, and a thirst for fame and sensationalism.

Put the two together and you have far reaching upsets that affect generations of people.

The ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto has spanned many years and is represented by the changes and upheavals in social, financial, and political areas. Gay marriage and domestic partners have become acceptable, there is a nationalized health care mandate, big banks have had to admit failure and repay their debts and interest rates have been kept low to make up for these failures, and the political agendas of politicians have become blatantly transparent.  Media (Uranus) has become a tool of the power mongers (Pluto), but on the other hand, the powerful and moneyed (Pluto) can have their fortunes turn on a dime through media influence.  Consider the fate of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling after the release of a recording on the internet.

The Uranus Pluto square peaks once more in December and then again in March 2015.

This month, however, Pluto is at 11 and Uranus is at 14, not in a tight alignment, but this means that the Sun will illuminate the two planets and their stressful alignment over the course of many more days.

Here are the sensitive degrees for the first week of October, so check your chart:

  • Oct 4 2014 – Mercury turns retrograde at 2 ° Scorpio until October 25 when it returns to direct motion at 16 ° Libra. It will not cross 2° Scorpio again until November 10.
  • Oct 4 2014 – Sun 090 Pluto at 11 ° Libra/Capricorn
  • Oct 7 2014 – Sun 180 Uranus at 14 ° Libra/Aries


Eclipse from NASA

Eclipse from NASA

During October there will be two eclipses.

The Full Moon on October 8 is accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse that occurs at 15° Aries within a few clicks of the Sun opposition to Uranus.

As things break down we want to break away.

The results of making changes can lead to regret as the Earth and Saturn align in a 150° aspect on October 18 in the heliocentric system.

Thereafter the New Moon includes a Solar Eclipse on Oct 23, 2014 at 00° Scorpio 25′ 

Back in olden times eclipses were looked upon as harbingers of doom and gloom. Ignorant people did not understand the way the planets rotated or that the Sun was the center of the solar system. Eclipses were only known to exist when they were observed with the naked eye so they were a very rare phenomenon.

The fact is that there are 4 or more eclipses every year, so they are a regular and normal occurrence, but even we modern folks can’t always observe them from our place on Earth. If we didn’t have TV, the internet and books we might think eclipses only occurred on rare occasions.

One should never fear an eclipse, because, if truth be told, the Sun and Moon are not going to fall from the sky or rain pestilence and wars down upon us. At the same time it is only fair to say that an eclipse represents an emphasis of planetary energy that must be examined.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on October 8 is aligned with Uranus and related to the ongoing Uranus Pluto square, so the results can be more turbulent than usual. We would be wise to avoid starting anything of great importance while it is within orb.

The old time astrologers always said, “Never begin anything of importance within 3 days before or three days after an eclipse.”

Other old time astrologers said, “Never begin anything of importance within 3 days before or three days after a New Moon or Full Moon.”

We modern enlightened astrologers say, “Never begin anything of importance within 3 days before or three days after a turbulent alignment.”


My clients and friends and Magi Astrology buffs know that the best bet is to isolate the three days before and three days AFTER the peak of a turbulent planetary alignment as unsuitable for any major initiative. We put the turbulence of stressful energies well behind us before we can feel safe to move forward.

For example, October 18 has a turbulent alignment of Earth and Saturn, so add three days to October 21. We must also consider the New Moon and Solar Eclipse of October 23. Add three days and we land on October 26.

By October 26 we are in much more peaceful times as the Sun is applying to a trine with Neptune, the planet of forever, on October 28.

Add Venus trine Neptune in both the geocentric and heliocentric systems exact on October 27 and October 28 and we have romantic times indeed. There is a chance to natalize something with an eye to longevity, harmony and peace.

Some of you who follow those Mercury retrogrades may have noticed that Mercury turned retrograde on October 4 at 2° Scorpio, within orb to a trine to Neptune. Plus, the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse of October 23 is at 0 ° and within 2 degrees of the Mercury station and in a very wide trine to Neptune. All of this indicates that for some sensitive and creative souls the month of October can be a great time to develop ideas, focus on artistic talents and rely on spiritual strengths.

It is not necessary to march in protests or wrestle for dominance to obtain material wealth and power, although the emphasis on the Uranus and Pluto square and the Saturn quincunx to Earth of October would make it seem like the only game in town.

The song, Total Eclipse of the Heart, sounds very sad to some ears, but there are some lyrics in the long version that aren’t shared on the free internet lyrics pages. The extra lyrics give the song a very different meaning and a message of hope. Those of you who are young at heart or have a romantic or spiritual streak might have someone who fits the following line:

“Every now and then I know there’s no one in the universe as magical and wondrous as you.” *

*Quotes are from “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

Listen Here: Total Eclipse of the Heart performed by Bonnie Tyler 

The song was released as a single by Columbia Records on  February 11, 1983 in the United Kingdom, and May 31, 1983 in the United States. Performed by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler the single became the most successful in Tyler’s career, reaching No. 1 in the UK, Ireland, France, Australia and the United States, with its sales ultimately exceeding 9 million and earning it a place on the top selling records of all time.


Review of August 2014

June 23 - ISIS Control of Iraq http://fox2now.com/2014/06/28/iraq-crisis-kurdish-authorities-place-tight-restrictions-on-border-crossings/

Credit: http://fox2now.com/

Early August fulfilled its promise to demonstrate turmoil on the world stage. The Ebola virus spread and became a worldwide concern.  In the U.S. an unarmed black man was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri on August 9, at the epicenter of the turbulent planetary alignments, leading to protests, riots, looting, and racial unrest. Russian relations with the U.S. became more strained over the Ukraine takeover. The United States initiated air strikes in Syria to quell the surge of ISIS terrorist activity on August 8, once again at the height of turbulent planetary aspects, only to culminate in the gruesome public beheading of an American journalist.

After the turbulence subsided the stock market hit a milestone on August 25 as the S & P 500 index briefly traded above 2,000 points for the first time ever.  On the same day as that milestone, two financial planets, Neptune and Ceres, formed a perfect trine and a simultaneous parallel in the declinations.

However, just as we began to enjoy profits from burgeoning stock portfolios, it was announced that in early August JP Morgan Chase and 4 other large banking institutions (as yet unnamed) were victimized by sophisticated cyber criminals, who stole sensitive banking data and personal account information.  By month’s end Great Britain had raised its terror alert levels in light of threats from the terrorist group ISIS.

Let’s be grateful that September promises to be much better!



vir_an_gel“All our institutions rest upon business. Without it we should not have schools, colleges, churches, parks, playgrounds, pavements, books, libraries, art, music, or anything else that we value.” Cassius Gates

It is appropriate that this illustration of Virgo holds the sheaf of wheat symbolizing harvest and the results of industry. One cannot produce anything worthwhile without putting a great deal of effort into preparation, planting, watering, and weeding. Without planting something that leads to a harvest we cannot sustain ourselves.  If we have a bountiful harvest stored away can we enjoy leisure time,  pursue the arts and indulge in education rather than scrabbling to “make do” day to day.

The first week of September begins with the Sun trine Pluto on the 3rd, the perfect symbol of ambitious productivity, followed by an opposition to Chiron.

The Sun shows us where the strength lies, while Pluto is a financial planet that rules big money, power and unflagging effort, and Chiron is associated with trust and loyalty in personal relationships.

What’s the meaning in the real world?  It means we must use our drive and determination for business success in thoughtful ways without losing sight of the need to honor personal commitments and maintain a sterling reputation. It is necessary to push forward relentlessly (get that harvest gathered!) without being distracted by whims or giving in to impulses.

That theme carried through as two distinct Planetary Patterns emerge and converge on September 7th and the first pattern is reinforced on the 8th   with the Full Moon.

Sept 8 2014 patternPattern 1: On September 7th the Sun, at 15 degrees, is in aspect to four human relationship planets:  Uranus, Chiron, Juno, and Vesta. On September 8 the Sun and Moon culminate in an opposition at 16 degrees Virgo/Pisces revealing, and emphasizing, the energy of these very same planets. The Full Moon will illuminate the need for social changes to achieve an ideal of human unity.



Sept 8 2014 pattern 2Pattern 2: Simultaneously, the financial planets Ceres and Pluto are aligned with jolly and generous Jupiter at 11 degrees (with a little help from Mercury and Pallas).


No man is an island. We are all interconnected. If we are inspired to make our lives better then we must work hard to achieve our ambitions, but we must make everyone else’s lives just a bit better as well. This is a time of noteworthy expansion for the future, a time when sound business judgment can be displayed, a time when we can network and meet like-minded individuals,  and a time period when there are opportunities to make favorable changes and do what is right for the good of everyone concerned.


Ceres, the asteroid of business and industry, dances along in a trine to Chiron and a quincunx Uranus through mid-month when Venus joins in creating powerful planetary geometry on Sept 16 & 17th Meanwhile, Jupiter is traveling close behind within orb, adding its helpful energy to the planetary picture.

Just a word about Ceres—Ceres was discovered January 1, 1801 just as the industrial revolution began to rock and roll. Uranus (discovered 1781) has often been cited by astrologers as the ruler of the Industrial Revolution. Industry as we know it now would not have been possible without inventions such as the steam engine (first prototype 1801 by Robert Trevithick) and the ability to communicate worldwide. The inventions (ruled by Uranus) powered the Industrial Revolution but these inventions were not “revolutionary” until applied to commercial enterprises and made profitable. And that is where Ceres comes in.

At the same time, in the heliocentric system Saturn trines the Earth/Moon on the 16th while Saturn, Juno and Sedna are also aligned in in a symmetrical pattern that peaks Sept 17.  Saturn in opposition with Sedna is a rather nasty alignment, that pits coldblooded ambition against coldblooded corruption and when you add Juno you have a perfect setup for coldblooded fraud. New financial regulations signed in September  (if any) may have a devastating effect on markets in the long term due to “control” for selfish reasons—there could be a hidden agenda.

The terrorist group ISIS could very easily be the poster child for the Saturn/Sedna opposition, so watch the news closely.

The trine from the Earth/Moon to Saturn thankfully adds a measure of control to these symbols of greedy self-interest.Saturn in a trine to another planet prefers things to stay the same and very often refuses to change even when it is in its best interest to do so (perhaps this has to do with Saturn’s rings that go around in circles in soothing endless repetition).  September would be a very good month if it weren’t for these alignments.

What’s it all mean? Business must adapt to social changes and social standards and give its allegiance to the human element, rather than operating from a pure profit motive, in order to grow and prosper. We as individuals must face the future with faith and maintain a clear mental image of fulfillment.  We may be given a chance to visualize what we want and think of ways to obtain our heart’s desire while enriching the lives of others.

There may be temptations to enrich our lives at the expense of others, to stray into the gray areas in business or to circumvent regulations or law as troublesome Saturn aspects in heliocentric are demonstrated.

On the positive side, if human needs and social concerns are made top priority, the favorable geocentric alignments may allow the world to overcome the callous Saturn pattern aspects. Saturn and Sedna were last in opposition in the heliocentric system in May 1953 and November 1983, both years marked by severe economic downturns. Maybe we can do better during this cycle.

*Listen to the words of a popular Steve Miller Band song (link below), “Oh, Lord, it’s a revolution….Feed the babies who don’t have enough to eat… Shoe the children with no shoes on their feet… House the people livin’ in the street…Oh, oh, there’s a solution”


Sept 19 2014 Flying Eagle PatternSeptember 19 – 24 the planetary geometry involves Jupiter, Ceres, Chiron and Uranus in a classic Flying Eagle pattern. This is a time for successful (Jupiter) and notable (Uranus) business (Ceres) changes (Chiron).

One of the most powerful money-making forms of Planetary Geometry is called the FLYING EAGLE FORMATION.  This is an uncommon planetary configuration that occurs about once in two years.

When the aspects that create a Flying Eagle include a Cinderella Aspect, such as this planetary pattern (Chiron quincunx Jupiter) then the entire Flying Eagle formation really takes wing when it comes to making money and is called a Golden Flying Eagle.

The Flying Eagle Formation has two Mystical Triangles working together in unison. One reason the Flying Eagle is so powerful is that there are four Magical Angles in the Flying Eagle – two trines and two quincunxes. Here is a link to an article about Aaron Spelling, a top TV producer of the 70’s and 80’s who aired such iconic TV shows as Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty, and had a Golden Flying Eagle aspect in the birth chart: http://www.magisociety.com/aaron_spelling.htm

If you run your home like a business, watching your pennies and taking care of problems as they arise, and run your business as though the people involved in it were your family, and treat them just as well, you are sure to make shrewd decisions and changes for the better in September.

The Best & Worst Days Calendar for September 2014 can be found here: http://magicaltiming.com/september2014.html

*Listen To the Steve Miller Band,  Fly Like An Eagle on Pandora Radio: http://www.pandora.com/steve-miller-band/fly-like-eagle/fly-like-eagle


JULY 2014

Matin-thumb Keywords for July 2014: CH-CH-CHANGES

“Ch-ch-changes…… Where’s your shame?…….You’ve left us up to our necks in it..”

The words to a David Bowie song may ring very true in July as we are once more up to our necks in stressful Uranus square Pluto energy which pits big money and power against social issues and media bias, bringing sweeping changes and disruptions.

In early July as ongoing issues are illuminated we are given a chance to sit back and view power plays and political maneuvering from a less intense standpoint. Some changes are good but some changes are bad and we may have a chance to decide for ourselves which is which.

The Uranus square to Pluto has been in process for more than three years and does not complete its cycle until 2015. We may deal with the fallout from the ongoing clash of these planets in the first week of July.

The Sun and Pluto in Capricorn face off in opposition on July 4th, followed by the Sun squaring Uranus in Aries on the 8th.  The two aspects are connected, but separate. Since Pluto is retrograde and the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto is almost 4 degrees apart (and widening until September), the issues that rear their heads can drag out slowly, like a film viewed frame by frame. The planetary alignments challenge us to remain neutral and levelheaded as we face the consequences and realities of changes that have already occurred.  

During that time period, however, anything important that is begun that creates a new “birth chart” will be subjected to stress from several sides and will eventually require a major process of readjustment.

Being Farsighted Means That Some Things Are Seen More Clearly When Further Away

Uranus and Pluto are relatively far apart and the aspect is separating, leaving us some breathing room to reassess myriad social pressures and the topsy-turvy financial markets. Aspects between planets that are within 3 degrees are more powerful, and the closer they are the more powerful the results. Nevertheless the transiting Sun will deal with each of these two planets individually and illuminate their meanings, both individually and collectively, on the world stage. We may even be able to differentiate between power grabs, political coercion and media hype.

Oddly enough “change” was the campaign platform of the current U.S. administration but some of the notable changes implemented by the current government are being challenged, after the fact, at the Supreme Court level.

We may be given the opportunity to look at the sweeping changes of the past few years and see the results just a bit more clearly. We may see how the public (Uranus) has been manipulated (Pluto), how political conflicts (Uranus) have affected our financial and tax (Pluto) institutions as mirrored in the IRS brouhaha, and even gender issues can be highlighted.  We may even see how these drastic alterations can, and will, will affect our future since the 2015 square will target the Sun of the U.S. chart. The Sun represents the executive branch, so the issues placed under a microscope in July 2014 can give us a heads up on the issues that upset the balance of power.

Saturn aligned in a square with the crazy lady of the solar system, Sappho, on the 7th while engaged in an ongoing trine to Chiron urges us to pick apart each and every mistake.  Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers basketball team is someone who exemplifies Sappho alignments as Sappho was square to his natal Sun when a vengeful girlfriend released a damaging tape.  

We will be chewing on the changes and how they affect our live until the Full Moon at 20 degrees Capricorn brings it all to a head on July 12.


 The last part of July offers much more peace and tranquility and a chance to enjoy true honesty and sincerity. We can make reparations, be more forgiving, and look more towards a prosperous future, rather than dwelling in the past.

Between the 20th and 24th there is mostly smooth sailing and a chance to make things right. Sincere prayers are likely to be answered, but as you well know “you don’t always get what you want, you get what you need.”

The Sun conjuncts generous Jupiter on July 24 while the two are parallel in the declinations on the 22nd, creating a planetary eclipse. Both of these align with Pluto in the declinations, bringing an upswing not only in attitudes and cooperation but in the world of finances too since people buy when they are filled with optimism and hope.

It is possible that July is not a truly great month although we will have a chance to “sort things out.”

Luckily for us, the planets in their wisdom always produce some kind of positive energy in their monthly travels and always find a way to offer a message of hope for a brighter future.

“..the ripples change their size………. But never leave the stream”

(You can hear David Bowie perform his 1971-1972 hit in a Paris concert circa 2002: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJSv6JXKS_I)

Best & Worst Days Calendar for July from the Magi Society at:http://magicaltiming.com/july2014.html

JUNE 2014

geminiChartres_Bay_028a_Zodiac_Labours__panel_09Keywords for June 2014: Greener Pastures

June is the month of the summer solstice, the month of long summer nights and sunny days, the month of growth and greenery.

June starts off well with the Sun parallel Jupiter on June 2nd. Then the Sun is quincunx Pluto and Uranus trine to the Earth and Moon on the 3rdth. There is a powerful need to expand, to explore, and to enjoy a sense of excitement. However, all of this might compel us to break existing ties and lose the trust of those we most love when the Sun squares Chiron and makes a quincunx to Saturn on the June 8.

Saturn and Chiron align in a trine in early June, peaking on the 12th and the Sun aspects to both of these planets will highlight issues of trust and commitment that are a theme of the month and perhaps even a theme through mid-August. Chiron turns retrograde on June 20 and remains within orb of the trine, although not an applying aspect, to a retrograde Saturn for several weeks.  Saturn changes to direct motion on July 20 and then we will have another applying trine of Saturn to Chiron exact on August 5.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th in the sign Cancer, within 2 degrees of the New Moon in Cancer on June 27th, and remains retrograde until July 1.

A slow moving Mars is within orb of a square to Pluto from June 2 thru the 14th and then Mars opposes Uranus from the 13th – 25th stirring up trouble and controversy all along the way.

Shedding the Old to Make Way for the New

chartres_cancer_smThe ongoing trine between Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces involves Cancer since it is the third water sign. Planets in Scorpio and Pisces always make a trine to those in Cancer. Trines are the symbol of ease, inspiration and success.

In June the Sun begins in Gemini, but appears in the sign Cancer just as the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer. The solstice marks the longest day of the year and is a day when we have the most light.

The sign for Cancer is the Crab and we are reminded of the life style of the crab that struggles within the confining space of a shell that does not grow at the same pace as that which is within.

At some point in its life cycle the crab must shed its hard shell. In order to grow, and to thrive, the crab must shed the old shell and its old home, while at the same time building a new one within, but it isn’t easy. That is because the crab risks all for a short period of time when it has shed its old shell and begins to rebuild a new one. The crab is then known as a “soft-shell” crab for a period of time and it is vulnerable to attack by sea birds and other predators. The crab’s challenge and its risk is to bare everything in order to grow and fulfill its destiny.  In a similar way we often struggle when we begin to forge new alliances, develop a new life style, or create a new outer covering that we show the world, as perhaps a new career or area of expertise, but during this process we are ourselves left defenseless and open to attack.

The story of the crab is a story of rebirth where everything changes but everything stays the same.

Let Go

This may serve as a reminder that there are times when we find we have become too dependent upon the structures we have built in our lives and that they may restrict us and prevent us from growing. There may come a time when we realize that what we have no longer serves us but instead we are serving these things. There could be a time when the people in our lives do not let us grow at our own pace, or when we have become callous towards them. There may come a time when we must take the risk and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and show the world our real self in order to grow. There may be a time when must let go of things of the past in order to make way for the new.

To Walk The Labyrinth

240px-Labyrinth_1_(from_Nordisk_familjebok)_svgLabyrinths have been walked as a form of meditation since ancient times. Think of the Minotaur of ancient Greece and his Labyrinth. The difference between a maze and a labyrinth is that the labyrinth has one path in and one path out that retraces the way in.  A maze is designed to confuse. You may think that the labyrinth is symmetrical, but upon close examination you will find that is asymmetrical because there must be a way in as well as a way out.

I recently walked the Labyrinth at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E Center in Virginia Beach. It was a powerful experience that truly realigned focus and left me feeling magnetized in a positive and profound way. The theme of the meditation while walking the Labyrinth was “letting go of the past to make way for the new.”

The A.R.E. Labyrinth is a reproduction of the famous one at Chartres Cathedral, built in the 13th century, and you may view it in this short and pleasant video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXfJNrrcgiI

Here is a video about the Labyrinth at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E Center in Virginia Beach: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP6bacDhnXo

Chartres Cathedral is an engineering marvel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9727p6ozlYo and includes a stained glass window filled with pictures of the seasons and the zodiac. Some of the stained glass zodiac figures from the Chartres Cathedral are displayed on this page and to  see the zodiac pictures in their full glory visit this page in French: http://cathedrale.gothique.free.fr/Notre-Dame_de_paris.htm

Magi Bette says check the Magi Society  Best Days and Worst Days Calendar at http://magicaltiming.com/june2014.html

APRIL 2014



April 2014

Adjust to Changes

Keywords for April 2014: The More It Changes The More It Stays The Same

April may bring spring flowers, which after this long winter will be a welcome relief, but this year it also brings a month of powerful planetary alignments. The Earth itself vibrates as the Sun and Moon line up like billiard balls with a lunar eclipse on the 15th and a solar eclipse on the 29th.

A Grand Cross, a pattern that begins to build in late March, highlights and dominates April as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto square off, signaling heavenly and earthly turbulence. Like dominoes set on their end, when one is nudged all the others are affected, in a chain reaction.

These powerful alignments can signal disturbances in the ethers and pressures on the Earth that result in interruptions to radio transmissions and stresses on the Earth’s core leading to earthquakes and natural disasters.

You Need A Broom To Make Sweeping Changes

The month begins with a T-Square of the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto peaking April 3. All of this tells us that huge sweeping changes may disrupt our lives, but life goes on, and there may even be a silver lining. It isn’t a coincidence that the Affordable Care Act deadline for enrollment falls so close to this powerful time of unrest and cross purposes represented by the planetary alignments. It also isn’t a coincidence that earthquake activity has escalated in California, Chile and even Yellowstone National Park. Jupiter’s benign presence insures that most people will remain tolerant of the pressures of change and may even take advantage of new opportunities when the dust settles.

You Need A Broom To Clean Up The Pieces When Things Break Down

The financial wizards worry that the stock market will crash as the Grand Cross spanning April 17-April 23 unfolds. Jupiter and Uranus in a tight square is part of the alignment and represents that whatever occurs this month will be highly newsworthy and effective on a worldwide basis. Pluto is part of the picture and represents BIG money as well as coercion and power struggles while Uranus revolutionizes and changes social structures. Break downs of honored belief systems and technology are entirely possible while political posturing will be evident as a reaction to the pressures of change.

Those who want to know about the astrology of stock market crashes, the super fame aspects and historic aspects seen in previous stock market crashes may visit this page by the Magi Society: http://www.stockmarketcompass.com/lessons/heliocentriclesson2.html

The planetary picture reminds us all that over confidence and a lack of attention to details can lead to a downfall when major changes and adjustments are afoot.

Lines Drawn In The Sand

Mars is slowly moving into position and challenging Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto mid-month. Mars is the catalyst for upsets and disruptions and focuses the energy of the Grand Cross. Mars is, of course, the planet of war, aggression and challenges. The early April attitude of compromise and tolerance gives way to defiance, resentment and anger as Mars squares off with Pluto. Pressure will be exerted on the world stage and push could come to shove.

For anyone navigating the complicated planetary geometry of their personal lives remember that moving too fast, making major changes without proper planning, or flying by the seat of your pants, can all indicate a bubble of extreme optimism that gets shot down.

Whatever Is Drawn In The Sand Is Washed Away By The Tides

Wait until the Sun trines Neptune on the 25th to put major plans into motion to avoid  locking in a turbulent chart and complicated conditions. This late month peaceful aspect offers a good time to focus on spiritual values rather than material concerns. Take a time out to meditate and get in touch with your center.

Yes, it is certainly a complicated month when it isn’t advisable to make major changes. Major changes and tensions, however, can arise and dominate your consciousness but it is how you react to the changes and tensions outside yourself, that you cannot control, that will make the difference.

Magi Bette says best days for advertising, promotions, networking: April 5, 12, 13

Magi Bette says best days for romance, fun, social activities: April 25

Magi Bette says best days for money and career: April 26

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