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Astrology developed because ancient man needed to predict the seasons.

The beginning of each season marks a crucial turning point.

Each season begins while the Sun is in a Cardinal sign. The first of these Cardinal signs is Aries.


The Aries glyph above is the symbol of the sign associated with spring. It is similar to a fountain, with life gushing forth.

The Sun passes through the zodiac sign Aries in April when the equinox marks the first official day of spring in the northern hemisphere.

On the equinox the hours of day and night are exactly the same length. From this point onwards the days grow longer.

The equinox marks the end of winter and darkness, and sunshine and light begin to prevail.

which came first?In spring, chicks and baby animals are born. The baby chick pecking his way out of the shell is a perfect symbol of an individual emerging from darkness.

Focusing our thoughts on the nature of the equinox gives deeper meaning to Easter rituals that involve baskets filled with colorful eggs.

Spring represents new life and new beginnings.

In traditional astrology the ruler of Aries is the planet Mars.


Mars symbolizes energy, physical effort, the warrior, enterprise and initiative.

The chick in his egg had to take the initiative and fight to escape his confining shell. The hatched chick becomes an individual who can move freely, make his own decisions, and grow.

When you begin something of importance that moment of time locks in a set of planetary conditions that creates a Birth Chart for that “something.”

It makes sense to choose optimum days to birth your baby, whether your "baby" is a creative project, a new car, or a crucial financial or emotional commitment.

Aries and Mars are all about taking those first steps.

Reading this website required energy and enterprise.
You have just started something new.

Perhaps something you read here will inspire you, or help you fight to emerge from your safe but limiting shell.

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